Comedians, Actors Beg Artie Lange to Get Help for Drug Addiction

January 14, 2019 Updated: January 14, 2019

Comedians and actors went on Twitter to beg fellow comic Artie Lange to get help for his alleged drug addiction.

The former Howard Stern sidekick posted a photo his self-described “hideously deformed” nose in December 2018 after he apparently snorted broken glass along with the powerful prescription painkiller Oxycontin, Page Six reported.

Lange has had a well-documented struggle with drug addiction for decades.

Comedian Richard Lewis urged Lange, 51, to seek treatment.

“Artie, this is my 1000th request over decades to beg you to surrender to your addictions. We had the most laughs sober. I love you. You’re beloved and a magnificent comedian cursed with self-loathing and fear. Give it up and live,” Lewis tweeted.

Comedian Jackie Martling also wrote: “Coming up to 18 years [sober] in May. in early 2001 I’d have laughed at the idea of not drinking for 18 *days.* Art, I know you know the laughs are just as hearty on this side. I love you and am of course 100% in your very crowded corner.”

Patton Oswalt followed up and tweeted, “What Richard said. Come ON, Artie.”

Maurice LaMarche also wrote: “I’m echoing @TheRichardLewis. Artie, it CAN be done. Richard’s living proof.”

He added: “And now I’m echoing @markschiff. While we’re on the subject, I too stopped trying the desperate experiment of the first drink or drug on 1/20/89. (This is sounding like a show @JerrySeinfeld might create: Comedians In Meetings Getting Sober) C’mon, Artie. Join us. You can do it.”

“Casper” actor Devon Sawa also tweeted: “Sober for 12 years. My life changed. Things just keep getting better and better and better…”

“Wow I just read this article,” Lange wrote on Sunday. “Guys I’m so blown away by this concern for me. I do not deserve it. I promise u I don’t mean any disrespect to u all. I want to live. I want to work. I’m so sorry if I cause u to worry. I love u & I hear u. Loud and clear.”

On Jan. 13, Lange tweeted a Variety article about other comics pleading with him to quit drugs. He also retweeted Lewis’ message to him as well as similar messages.

Lange tweeted in November that he was “fighting hard” and was 18 days sober.

However, he tested positive for cocaine and amphetamine in Newark in mid-December, Fox News reported. He told the judge at the time that he’s no longer doing heroin.

Lange appears in the HBO series “Crashing.” Prior to that, he performed on the Fox sketch comedy series “Mad TV” and was a co-host on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Lange, who lives in Hoboken, was sentenced to four years of probation in June 2018 after pleading guilty to heroin possession, reported.

He told a judge that he used cocaine 10 days earlier after leaving rehab.

“I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to come in here after using cocaine for two days,” Lange said, according to “It’s in my system and it shouldn’t be.”

“I have work to do,” he tweeted following his court appearance.

“I feel now I can also stop Cocaine. But that’s arrogance and addiction. I’m accepting help. If I fail now I will go to jail. Jail is not for addicts. But I’d be giving them no choice. When I use illegal drugs I have to score them. That’s breaking the law.”