Colorblind Dad Gets the Gift of a Lifetime From Daughter

March 13, 2019 Updated: April 26, 2019

We all expect to get presents on our birthday, and if you have a big family, you expect to get more. But we don’t expect to get a gift that changes our world, but that’s exactly what happened to the colorblind man in this video.

His big family stands around watching as he opens his present, calling for him to open the box and find out what it is. They are so excited to see what his daughter bought him. However, none of them expect the tiny box to move him so greatly.

As he unpacks the box he starts nodding, “I was just thinking about this!” Some of his family don’t know what the glasses are, but his daughter holds back her explanation and waits for his reaction before telling them.

The glasses are Enchroma glasses; glasses that help those with colorblindness see the world in full color for the first time. Colorblindness affects over 8% of men worldwide, and 0.5% of all women.

When he puts them on, he’s initially quiet, looking around and nodding. “Depending on what match you are, it can take up to 15 minutes for your eyes to adjust,” his daughter says.

As it dawns on his family just what a big deal these glasses are for him, he breaks down, and takes off the glasses to wipe his eyes. His daughter moves forward, and they hug.

“All my boys are colorblind, except Jimmy,” his mother says. “He’s the worst colorblind one I have.”

He and his daughter part and he starts looking around, moving the glasses up and down to see with and without them, and then points out things that look different to him now. “That’s cool as f***! That’s cool as hell!” he says.

Watch the full video to see the moment he see’s the world in all colors for the first time ever – and try not to cry! The video has some adult language.

Video Credit: ViralHog