Colorado High School Student Dies Days After Being Hit, Dragged by Truck

January 31, 2018 Updated: January 31, 2018

A high school student in Colorado died just days after being hit and dragged by a truck, the Aurora Police Department said.

Victoria McKenzie, 16, was hit by a truck on the morning of Jan. 11.

The police announced the death this week.

McKenzie was crossing Buckley Road when she was hit, then dragged by a truck until it stopped “some distance later,” according to police, reported KDVR.

The truck driver was turning from going east on East Quincy Avenue, onto South Buckley Road to go south when he hit McKenzie.

The driver didn’t realize what had happened.

He was not drinking or using drugs, officers said. He has not been charged as of yet and is cooperating fully.

McKenzie was rushed to the hospital but died on Jan. 15.

Her mother said that she was able to have a final conversation with her at the hospital.

“I was able to tell her I love her,” Melissa McKenzie told 9News. “She asked me if she was going to be okay and I told her she was — and that was the last conversation she and I had.”

When her daughter was dragged, her mom noted that the truck tore most of her clothes off.

“They had to cover her up with a blanket because she was naked completely from the waist down from where her clothes were torn off of her,” Melissa McKenzie said. “I can’t even imagine what she went through just trying to hang on.”

After the incident, Victoria McKenzie was alert and talking to officers despite her severe injuries.

A message from Smoky Hill High School, where McKenzie was a student, sent to students and families said that the school’s counseling office and mental health staff were available for students after the death.

A GoFundMe has been started by Victoria’s aunt.



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