Colorado Bear Jumps on Top of Woman Eating Dinner in Her Tent

July 28, 2017 Updated: July 28, 2017

A bear pounced on the tent of a woman camping in Colorado. The bear was startled after a friend of the woman arrived and the bear ran off. The 350-pound bear was found and euthanized by authorities. The bear had previously broken into a nearby car for food, as KOAA News 5 reports.

On July 25 at about 10:30 p.m. the bear headed for the tent, inside San Isabel National Forest. Although the woman was knocked to the ground, the bear did not claw or bite her. At the time of the attack she was eating inside her tent to escape a rainstorm.

As The Denver Post reports, bear and human interaction is a common problem in Colorado, where more than 1,000 bears are killed each year. Bears have been getting closer to humans to eat human food—usually discarded food. Even with food available in nature, bears still choose human food.

The woman at San Isabel was luckier than a 19-year-old summer camp staff member in another part of Colorado, who awoke to find his head in a bear’s mouth. He managed to fight the bear off with the help of other camp staff, but the teeth marks were visible on his head after the incident, as Daily Camera reports.

Colorado has had a moral conflict with how to deal with the bears. When people call the authorities, there is always the chance the bear could be euthanized, so some people advocate storing food properly and keeping trash in bear-proof containers, according to an article last year by The Denver Post.