Colombia Seizes 8 Tons of Cocaine, ‘Largest Quantity of Drugs in History’

By Denisse Moreno
Denisse Moreno
Denisse Moreno
May 16, 2016 Updated: May 16, 2016

Colombian authorities seized eight tons of cocaine in a banana field on May 15, officials announced.

The cocaine was found a few meters from the mouth of the river Currulao in a banana farm in Uraba, according to authorities.

The 17,500 pounds of contraband belonged to the drug gang known as Clan Úsuga.

U.S. authorities are currently offering a reward of $5 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Dario Antonio Usuga David, the leader of the gang.

Officials say the cocaine belonged to Clan Úsuga’s second-in-command, Roberto Vargas Gutiérrez, who’s also known as “Gavilán.”

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, praised the successful operation on Twitter, saying authorities “seized the largest quantity of drugs in history.”

Officials posted videos and photos of the seized cocaine on social media.

Pictures show rows of pre-packaged contraband that were ready to be shipped by dealers.

A video shows authorities seizing the cocaine.

Officials said on Twitter it was the biggest seizure of cocaine in the country’s history.

The operation was carried out by a team of 50 and two Blackhawk helicopters. Officials say three individuals were arrested.

Denisse Moreno
Denisse Moreno