CM Punk Wants Daryl and Carol Romance on The Walking Dead, Says Daryl and Beth Would be ‘Weird’

November 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Wrestler CM Punk, who is currently retired from the WWE, joined two other guests on The Talking Dead on Sunday night.

He discussed how Carol and Daryl slept near each other in episode 6 but didn’t hook up.

“It is completely ridiculous that they didn’t hook up,” he said.

“There was some sexual tension drawn out there,” he added.

“There’s people who want to see him hook up with Beth, but that’s so weird and ridiculous.”

“I think Noah and Beth are more age-appropriate, and they both survived [the hospital],” another guest, Yvette Nicole Brown, said.

“They don’t have that kind of time right now, but I think if they ever get around to it, it’s a possibility,” Tyler Williams, who plays Noah, added.

Yvette also said that she thinks Rick and Michonne should hook up.

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Punk made some other comments, including saying that he “hated” Noah when the character first appeared.

“I have a hard time trusting any new characters on the show,” he said.

The host, Chris Hardwick, jokingly noted that Punk isn’t in the show.

“I look at things from that perspective,” Punk responded.

“But it’s interesting because if we would have seen him at first when he  was stealing the guns, everyone would have hated him.”

Punk also explained how Noah appeared to regret almost immediately choosing to accost Daryl and Carol and taking their weapons.

“He kind of says it as he’s cutting the tent, ‘you guys can handle yourselves,’ [thinking to himself] ‘I should not have done this,'” he said.

And he, along with Williams and a majority of the fans (who voted via a poll), believe that Carol was aiming to kill Noah when she tried to shoot him.

“You shoot a person in the legs, I don’t know if he doesn’t die anyway,” Punk said.

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