CM Punk, AJ Lee: WWE Couple Expecting First Child Following Marriage?

CM Punk and AJ Lee have both been talked about a lot ever since Punk left the WWE suddenly, followed by Lee.

The situation came to be seen as this: Punk had probably left for good, but Lee was going to come back after taking a break.

Now it sounds like that break could be a lot longer, because Lee might be pregnant.

Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who is said to be the first to break the news about Punk and Lee planning on getting married, said recently that he got word from a reliable source that Lee is pregnant.

“I am looking more into this story and can’t confirm yet. But I figured I would share this story here first with you fans. We may not be seeing AJ for a very long time or ever again if this is true,” the user said.

Lee was the Divas Champion in the WWE for a record 295 days before Paige beat her on April 7, 2014.

The next week, Lee had stopped fighting, prompting the rumors that she was taking a break.

Punk and Lee were reportedly married last weekend in a small, private ceremony.

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