CM Punk, AJ Lee Updates: Paige Taunts Lee; Paul Heyman Speask on Fans’ Reactions when he left

CM Punk appears to be basically retired, but Paige taunted his wife AJ Lee by referencing him.

“As seen on WWE TV since AJ Lee’s return, fans have been chanting for CM Punk when she’s in the ring. At WWE’s live event in Oklahoma City last week, the fans there didn’t chant for Punk at all but Paige referenced Punk when she did the call or signal’ for a GTS to taunt AJ in their match,” writes Wrestling Inc.

The move comes as Paul Heyman recently did an interview to promote his upcoming DVD, “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman.”

He talked about CM Punk’s departure and the fans’ reactions

“It’s a very difficult break-up when an audience loses its ability to thrust its adulation upon their hero. CM Punk clearly established during his time as a Paul Heyman Guy that he was, as the billing suggested, The Best In The World,” he told Digital Spy.

He added: “So when he abruptly disappears and the audience doesn’t have the ability to say goodbye or shower him with their affection, then it causes a situation. It causes the audience to miss him even more vociferously, because they never had the closure of letting him know how much they appreciate his hard work.”

For his part, Punk has made a few public appearances recently, doing an interview with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan during a music awards show.

Corgan asked Punk if he wanted to talk about wrestling, and he replied emphatically with “no, no no.”