CM Punk, AJ Lee Update: Punk Moves to WWE ‘Alumni’ Section

CM Punk’s absence from the WWE has moved to another phase after he was officially moved to the league’s “alumni” section.

The Fan’s Podcast thanked Punk for his time wrestling in a recent tweet along with a photo of Punk being moved onto the alumni portion of WWE’s website. “Good bye Pipe Bomb Dropper,” it said.

Punk appeared to respond on his own Twitter account.

“Nope, thank YOU.Thanks for all the help and support through the years. Health and happiness above all,” he said.

“Don’t ever take any [expletive] from anybody.”

Punk’s absence is being and will continue to be felt.

Bleacher Report notes that Punk had incredible range and was a fantastic storyteller.

“WWE could ask him to be the angry, vengeance-seeking warrior he was here or ask him to dive into a variety of roles. Before this feud, he was a marquee heel with a penchant for whining. With Paul Heyman at his side, he bragged about his lengthy title reign in quality promo after quality promo,” it said.

“Punk’s range had him thrive in any role—as a rebellious babyface or a straight-edge would-be messiah. WWE could put him in a verbal clash with John Cena, Vince McMahon or Heyman and count on top-notch results. His controversial outbursts, or ‘pipe bombs,’ are the some of the recent moments that fans treasure the most. He was arguably the best mic worker on the roster and one of the best in WWE history.”

The website makes the case that losing Punk is a big blow and that 2013 wouldn’t have been such a strong year for the WWE without him.

But it does note that other wrestlers are stepping up, and “one man’s exit equals another man’s opportunity.”



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