CM Punk, AJ Lee Update: Punk Speculated for Survivor Series While Lee’s WWE Future Examined

November 6, 2014 Updated: November 6, 2014

Wrestling fans are speculating that CM Punk will return for Survivor Series.

The popular wrestler quit the league earlier this year but has been the subject of many rumors and speculation, despite later pronouncing that he’s retired and wouldn’t be wrestling again for WWE.

Fans have been publishing their dream matches for the series, which is slated for November 23, 2014.

“I would LOVE to see Cena, Dolph, Reigns, D Bryan and Cm Punk! I can dream,” said one Twitter user.

“At Survivor Series, it will be John Cena vs Cm Punk,” said another.

“He should pick some superstars who are really against the Authority, like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk,” another said, responding to a WWE article about potential members for Team Cena.

Other users posted similar predictions, with one stating that he believes Punk will return and join Cena’s team.

But the speculation is just that and there aren’t even any rumors about Punk actually coming back.

From L-R: Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, and CM Punk in a file photo. (WWE)
From L-R: Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, and CM Punk in a file photo. (WWE)


Meanwhile, Bleacher Report‘s Sharon Glencross recently examined AJ Lee’s future with the company.

Glencross notes that the babyface turn that started in June has helped her, and the long-running feud with Paige has been given a lot of time on television and pay-per-view. Lee has also starred in a few segments with Stephanie McMahon.

“But still, it’s hard to fight the feeling that Lee is headed for career stagnation soon,” she said. 

Glenncross says that Lee doesn’t get as much mic time as she used to, but that became limited when she turned into a babyface.

AJ Lee at Hell in a Cell 2014. (WWE)
AJ Lee at Hell in a Cell 2014. (WWE)


Her marriage with Punk is also cited as another potential problem.

“Punk’s issues with management since he walked out in January have been well-documented, and it’s hard not to see how it doesn’t put Lee in a rather awkward position,” Glencross said. In fact, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline said recently that Lee is basically the only woman of prominence to not be added to the cast of Total Divas–a show that features both the female wrestlers and their significant others–likely because of Punk. 

“Going by the direction of WWE programming, she may very well drop the title soon to up-and-coming heel Nikki Bella. After that, it’s tough to see her thriving. She’s stuck with an unspectacular babyface character and won’t be able to turn back because Bella already has the top bad-girl spot,” she said.

“Lee may have all the tools to be a legendary Diva—in-ring skills, charisma and excellent talking ability—but backstage politics and dull booking may very well prevent her from climbing up the career ladder. It will certainly be interesting to see where her career goes from here.”

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