Clothes-Obsessed Dog Gets Adorable Closet Custom-Made by Grandpa

By Cat Bolton
Cat Bolton
Cat Bolton
March 28, 2019 Updated: April 2, 2019

When Twitter user Lily (@heyitsLilyyy) adopted a rescue dog named Pluto, it didn’t take her long to realize that he needed a little extra help staying warm.

In an interview with The Dodo, she explained that the miniature pup always seemed to be shivering when she first brought him home.

“The doctor said it was just ‘anxiety,’” she said, going on to explain that she didn’t quite buy the vet’s theory. “I realized that, since he’s so tiny, he’s probably really cold.”

It didn’t take long for Lily, who works as a dog walker in addition to caring for Pluto, to realize that her adorable new four-legged friend just needed a jacket … or two … or three. And before she knew it, the pair had amassed an adorably large collection of outfits for Pluto to wear and enjoy; while it started as a way to keep her furry friend warm, it eventually evolved into a love affair with dog clothes that eventually took up a bit of room.

Lily and Pluto weren’t entirely sure what to do with the dozen or so outfits that were purchased.

In possibly the most adorable “dad gesture” you’ll see all year, though, it was Lily’s own father who came up with a solution—and it’ll melt your heart!

“So my dad 100% hand made this closet along with the mini hangers for my dogs little outfits,” Lily wrote, tweeting about the absolutely perfect little closet her dad constructed in the name of keeping Pluto’s clothes stylishly stowed and organized. “Here is a picture of Pluto picking out his next outfit … he is happy and ready for the rain in his raincoat!!”

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She explained to The Dodo that her dad calls Pluto “his grandson,” which truly makes the closet project a labor of love.

The pair likely weren’t expecting the story to take off like it did. Since Lily first shared her dad’s adorable project with the world, she’s gotten 9,700 retweets and over 39,000 likes on the Twitter post, with people begging for more pictures of Pluto and his oh-so-stylish wardrobe.

While the pup may need some extra comfort and warmth to keep him cozy during the day, though, he certainly doesn’t need any help hamming it up for the camera. As people have asked for Pluto to model his outfits, he seems to be eating the attention right up; with adorable faces and hilarious poses, he’s shown off everything from his vests to a sweet, knit fox-emblazoned sweater!

People have started to suggest outfits to add to his collection, which may result in poor old “Grandpa” needing to expand on the current wardrobe storage space. For now, though, he’s living it up in style with what he already has—and making the world a little bit brighter with his cheesy, adorable puppy smile in the process!

With his outfits all laid out and ready to be picked, it seems like Pluto is definitely ready to take on the world!


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Cat Bolton