When The Wildlife Gets Wild

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

We live in an animal dominated world. Our towns and cities may provide safety from some of the more dangerous animals that reside out there. When you live out in the country or spend your time in the wilderness, it is almost certain that you will encounter something on the more wild side of life.

Adam Bartsch and his wife were out looking for shed antlers when they noticed a young cougar watching them from less than 20 meters away.  The area they were in was closed to firearms and Adam was too far away from the machete that he had brought for protection. They entered into an hour stand-off with the cougar coming back three different times to watch Adam. The cougar hunching down lower and moved in closer, despite Bartsch’s efforts to frighten the cougar away. After an intense staredown, the two eventually parted ways.

One young hunter gets a huge surprise with a black bear decides to casually climb the tree that he is sitting in. While black bears are not naturally trying to be aggressive, you don’t want to get this close to one. The hunter remains still while the bear climbs over his head, almost oblivious to the fact that a human is within inches.

With the amount of domestication our world goes through, it can be easy to forget that there are still places full of wildlife that have no fear of us. Once we are on their turf, it’s their playground and we are merely visitors.