Clinton Campaign Denies She Wore Earpiece During Presidential Forum

September 8, 2016 Updated: September 8, 2016

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign was forced to deny that she was wearing an earpiece during Wednesday night’s presidential forum with Republican challenger Donald Trump.

Several conservative news outlets highlighted the appearance of what looked like a device inside her ear. One particular report from Alex Jones’ Infowars was featured on the front page of aggregation site Drudge Report on Thursday morning. On Drudge Report, it was titled, “Hillary and the ear pearl.”

Even more chatter took place on Twitter. Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., retweeted the Infowars report. On social media, others claimed it’s a reflection of studio lights.

Those reports of the earpiece were denied, according to reporters from ABC, CNN, and FOX

“Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill says Hillary Clinton was not wearing an earpiece last night,” ABC reporter Liz Kreutz tweeted.

Two senior Clinton aides told Fox News that the report isn’t true.

(Drudge Report/screenshot)
(Drudge Report/screenshot)

Trump and Clinton on Wednesday night went after each other over ISIS, veterans issues, and foreign policy. The two agreed to avoid the harsh rhetoric that has been commonplace throughout the 2016 campaign.

“I think that’s an exactly right way to proceed,” Clinton said. “To a minimum, absolutely,” Trump said, CBS News reported.

Trump said that he didn’t back the war in Iraq in 2003. “I was against the war in Iraq because I said it would totally destabilize the Middle East, which it has,” Trump said.

He said he would be more cautious than Clinton. “I think I’d be a lot slower. She has a happy trigger,” he said.

Clinton, for her part, told the crowd: “We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again and we’re not putting ground troops into Syria.”