Climate Change Lockdown

October 27, 2021 Updated: November 1, 2021


Climate change is at risk of being morphed into a major health pandemic. The World Health Organization was so ruthless on COVID-19 that maybe it will be considered to be put in charge of managing the climate.

The globalist brigade along with Davos, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and other assorted woke organizations are seeing an opportunity to create the same hysteria and panic around climate change as they did for COVID-19.

One of the inspirations of the climate change crowd is the huge drop in carbon emissions that took place when the COVID lockdown was implemented. Climate change fearmongers consider CO2 emissions an apocalyptic event that is on track to destroy the world within the next decade; they, therefore, feel justified in taking any and all actions to control climate change. The reason for the lower emissions after the lockdown was the huge economic devastation caused by shutting down the economy. In Canada, the economic drop in gross domestic product was 18 percent just within the first two months of lockdown in early 2020.

The World Economic Forum reported that the pandemic lockdown created an 8 percent drop in carbon emissions and was a good step toward meeting the U.N. Paris Agreement’s targets.

“We need to achieve this annually for the next 15 years to meet the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 [degrees Celsius] goal.”

Part of the economic devastation created by the lockdown was a severe reduction in automobile transportation and also public transportation. With people working at home and not traveling to work, emissions were reduced substantially. Travel to work was reduced by as much as 80 percent, and even today, urban transit in Alberta is 43 percent lower than pre-pandemic levels. In cities such as Calgary, vacancy rates in the office buildings in downtown cores are at levels not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The climate change hysterics are convening at a Paris Agreement convention; this one is called COP26, and is underway in Glasgow, Scotland. Some 30,000 people from around the world are attending, while consuming a monstrous amount of carbon and emitting huge levels of CO2 to get there. The elites of governments, finance, and globalist corporations are there to talk about how people not included in the convention have to dramatically reduce fossil fuel use and energy consumption.

They will tell the world it needs annual reductions, the equivalent to what we saw during the COVID lockdown. It’s also curious that the 30,000 people in attendance will be exempted from the regular vaccination passport requirements.

Some climate organizations are bringing plans for us that they compare to that of a war. Like in war, all drastic actions required to win will be considered. Many of these recommendations have been coming out of the World Economic Forum in the past few years. They include ending consumption of meat, as they claim cow burps are destroying the world. And the actions they’ve taken to date are already causing huge jumps in prices in meat products. Recently, a ham at a grocery store in Alberta was $70.

A kind of War Measures Act was implemented in many countries around the world to combat COVID-19. In Canada, the War Measures Act changed its name to the Emergencies Act. The climate-change crusaders tell us we need strong and similar actions for a war effort against climate change. It might appropriately be called the Climate Change Measures Act. It will allow bureaucrats and corporations to implement controls and efforts similar to what we have seen for COVID-19.

Friends of Science Society Executive Director Michelle Stirling has researched some of the plans for the climate change war, and they include such things as limited gatherings and travel. We’ve already seen pastors sent to jail for holding church services and numerous workplaces closed, mandating that employees work from home. Telework is part of the plan, where employees stay at home and don’t need to go to the office. Of course, there’ll be a car curfew limiting the hours or numbers of miles you’ll be able to travel monthly. There’ll be limited international air travel for those outside of the protected class. Travel since the pandemic started has changed dramatically; after COVID hit in 2020, air traffic dropped 60 percent. This is a trend climate change warriors want to maintain.

New to the fight against climate change could be a version of the vaccination passport. Used for climate change, it would keep track of what world citizens consume on a regular basis. Another twist is that the developed countries are looking at global digital currencies that will help monitor people’s transactions and measure that against their carbon footprint. Stirling noted that MasterCard has helped develop a specially designed credit card, called DO Black. It will monitor your spending habits and the impact on the environment. Once your personal limit is met, the credit will shut down to any further transactions.

Now that COP26 has arrived, it will be interesting to see how many actions are taken and recommended by the elites at the conference. Of course, as the generals in the climate-change war, they will be exempted from any measures they impose on the people. Reflecting on what’s happening now in China with the social credit system, new rules proposed at COP26 could look like a climate change social credit system. A report from Deutsche Bank suggested an “eco-dictatorship” may be required in order for measures that need to be taken to be implemented—likely to be strictly controlled by the elites, United Nations, and woke politicians.

The elites have created the hysteria of the masses, and we’re told it’s going to end in an apocalyptic fireball of climate change. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

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Bill Tufts
Bill Tufts is a political commentator. He is the founder of Fair Pensions For All, an advocacy group focusing on public-sector pension and compensation issues, and author of the book "Pension Ponzi."