Climate Change by Nathan Worcester

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
October 21, 2021 Updated: October 21, 2021

Mr. Worcester’s discussion [in “The Statistical Method Used to Link Climate Change to Greenhouse Gases Challenged,” published on Sept. 8,] leaves out the defining evidence of the anomaly in the statistical analysis that Ross McKitrick has pointed out in the creation of the models. Of the 23 or so major models used by governments for discussion of global warming, only one bears any resemblance to the recent historical record. That would be the Russian model. Even it reads higher than actual records. The others all grossly deviate from real temperature data, providing answers much higher than actual, and progressing in a linear fashion. Nature is never linear.

Our recent natural warming/cooling cycles are about a thousand years apart. The Medieval Warming was 1 degree Celsius warmer than now while the Roman warming was 2 degrees and the Minoan 3 degrees higher. The “scientists” are using the temperature recovery from the Little Ice Age, lasting about 600 years from the 1300s on, to shout about a warming trend. Now that some glaciers are retreating, they are uncovering tree trunks under the ice. Could it be that the Little Ice Age grew the glaciers and covered those trees? The satellite data show the Arctic ice shrinking and then growing again. They also show an increase in the greening of the planet, along with a slight reduction in temps over the past 20 years while CO2 rises. That further negates the warming argument. Antarctic ice that is getting thin on one part of the continent has two active volcanoes under it. Could all that heat be melting the ice?

The continental shelf was above the shoreline at one time. Estimates are that at one time, the oceans were 400 feet lower than now. Did Atlantis just get covered over? There is even evidence of farms and corrals underwater in Lake Huron. Sea rise was accurately recorded before the start of the Industrial Revolution and has not changed direction or magnitude in the last 150 years. Some Roman ports and Minoan ports are still above water, the ones built on rock, meaning that the oceans rose in those warming periods and then lowered during cooling times? We are in a warming period between ice ages, occurring recently every 20,000 years apart. Did all the Neanderthals driving their SUVs end the last Ice Age? Their autos must have returned to rust, which is why we see no evidence of them. 4.5 billion years of climate and these “climate scientists” are not doing much more than reading the entrails of a goat. The “climate change” people, especially politicians, have created their own vast self-justified rice bowl, and they wish us to maintain their standard of living while controlling the rest of humanity.  I have a short message for them. GIGO.


Jack Van Wingerden