City Council Considering School for Former Naval Weapons Station

September 20, 2018 Updated: September 20, 2018

The Concord City Council is looking to evaluate their options for setting aside 120 acres on the shuttered Naval Weapons Station for the development of a university or a research and development facility.

To that end, they’ve established a 14-member blue ribbon committee, including several education professionals, workforce development specialists and representatives from major industries throughout the Bay Area as well as Vice Mayor Carlyn Obringer and Councilman Ron Leone.

“This Committee will play a critical role in evaluating campus trends in higher public education, research and development parks, and innovation districts as well as funding and financing mechanisms,” Obringer said on Sept. 19 in a statement. “The City is fortunate to have so many experienced thought leaders who are willing to volunteer their time to this effort and who are committed to bringing a much-needed campus for higher learning to our community.”

The committee will be meeting on a monthly basis starting at 6 p.m. on Sept. 20, at the Concord Senior Citizens Center at 2727 Parkside Circle, and those meetings will be open to the public.

Together they plan to outline the programmatic priorities, potential investors as well as other sources of funding and map out the necessary steps needed to complete the project.

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