Cindy Tang Google Doodle: Toronto Student’s Winning Doodle Appears on Google

February 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Cindy Tang, a student in Toronto, won the Doodle 4 Google Canada 2014 contest.

The 17-year-old won a $10,000 scholarship and a Google Chromebook laptop.

In addition, her school–the Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, Ontario–will get a $10,000 grant.

“I can’t believe it yet, it doesn’t seem real,” the Grade 12 student told the National Post. “I’m happy that I won so that I can give back to my community.”

The competition was open to students from kindergarten through Grade 12.

It challenged students to design a doodle for Google that answered the question: If I could invent anything, I would invent…

The top doodles will be featured in a special exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum this year.

Tang is fascinated with the mysterious of the ocean floor.

Her doodle shows a powerful underwater telescope that would help explore the area.

“I would invent a telescope that would show us the depth of the sea (all of it). I’ve heard we’ve discovered less than 5% of the ocean – 95% still left unseen by human eyes,” she wrote in her application.

“The idea of exploring the oceans is a personal favorite of mine. I was really struck by that idea – that we’ve sent someone to the moon, but that we haven’t seen all of the oceans here on earth,” said one of the judges, Chris Hadfield, reported Global News.

Tang was happy that she won.

“Seeing my idea on Google is kind of terrifying in my opinion, because everyone is going to be able to look at it, but I feel that if it does help us learn something then I’ve done a good job,” she said.

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