Chiquis Rivera Addresses Rumors About Jenni Rivera and Esteban Loaiza in New Book

Chiquis Rivera is addressing rumors surrounding her and her late mother’s husband in a new book.

Jenni Rivera was rumored to be upset with Chiquis over a rumored relationship with her husband Esteban Loaiza prior to her death.

Chiquis, though, has denied the accusations and now explores them more in an upcoming book, due for release in November.

“I feel that as a woman I deserve it because so many things have been said, and it’s not fair,” Chiquis said, according to Ideal. “Also the public deserves it because I don’t want them to have that doubt; there I will explain everything, all my life.”

Chiquis’ previously discussed writing a book about the topic on her reality show “Chiquis Confidential.”

Chiquis said that she had asked her aunt Rosie Rivera for her blessing.

“I just need to write this book, and I want and hope that she [Rosie] understands,” Chiquis said in the episode, according to Voxxi.

“I’m always going to respect my mom and I just want to say the real truth as to why my mom and I couldn’t say goodbye.”

The book’s title has not yet been advertised.

It’s also unclear how long it will be.


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