Chipotle Coupon: No Free Food-Burrito Coupon; Free Meal Ad Hoax Prompts Response from Chain

March 7, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral post of a fake coupon from Chipotle claims one can get “100 % free food” by March 20, but it’s just a hoax. Chipotle was forced to respond to it after customers apparently attempted to use it in its restaurants.

The fake ad, which looks like it was possibly made in MS Paint, urges users on Facebook and Twitter to “repost, tag us, and follow for a free meal for one person.”

“Show this ad to your cashier for 100 % free food,” it reads. “Only one per person. Valid until march 20th.”

Note that in the ad, “March” is not capitalized. Usually viral hoaxes have spelling and/or punctuation errors. The fake coupon doesn’t have a barcode, terms and conditions, or a tracking method.

This week, Chipotle wrote on its Facebook to clarify the ad is a fake.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or burrito for that matter. The ‘repost, tag, and follow for FREE’ offer that is floating around the interwebs is A HOAX. Not real. Not from Chipotle,” the post reads, written by “Joe.”

Despite it being a hoax, some people apparently weren’t happy.

“Apparently Chipotle doesn’t believe in free lunch or a free burrito! I have received MANY free burritos from QDOBA!!!! As a matter of fact, QDOBA had free burritos in February & I have another free meal that QDOBA gives me EVERY year for my birthday, I’ll be enjoying in April…
Joe you should be ashamed!” one person wrote.

Others said that Chipotle should give some free food to people who were duped by the fake ad.

Some people apparently tried to use the bogus coupon. One person wrote on Twitter: “Just tried that chipotle coupon and they all laughed. So I’m going to guess it isn’t real.”

Later on Twitter, the chain reiterated that the ad is a hoax.

“Nope, 100% fake. It’s a fake offer from a scam account. -Myra,” Chipotle said via Twitter. “That’s a fake coupon and we aren’t honoring it. Sorry,” it also said.