Chipotle Coupon: Free Food, Burritos Coupon for March is Fake; Hoax Ad Goes Viral

March 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post is claiming that Chipotle will give out “100% free food” when you show the ad to a cashier, but it’s not real.

The hoax–which wants users to “repost, tag us, and follow for a free meal for one person”–has been spread mainly via Facebook, but it’s getting retweeted on Twiter.

“Show this ad to your cashier for 100 % free food,” it continues. “Only one per person. Valid until march 20th.” Note that “March” is not capitalized; usually hoaxes have spelling and punctuation errors.

Chipotle issued a statement on Tuesday about the fake coupon.

“Nope, 100% fake. It’s a fake offer from a scam account. -Myra,” Chipotle said via Twitter. 

“That’s a fake coupon and we aren’t honoring it. Sorry,” the chain also wrote. 

But a number of people on Tuesday were tweeting it.

“I was weak af today when someone came into chipotle with that free coupon thing you see on IG, that’s a scam guys don’t do it,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “Just tried that chipotle coupon and they all laughed. So I’m going to guess it isn’t real.”