Chinese Woman Loses Mind After Seeing Her Baby Killed by Doctors

By Jane Lin
Jane Lin
Jane Lin
August 9, 2013 Updated: August 10, 2013

A woman in central China’s Hunan Province slid into madness after being forced into labor, at seven months of pregnancy, so that her baby could be killed. Her husband, Wu Yongyuan, has been seeking redress and compensation, to little effect.

“She is afraid of going out and seeing strangers. She often bites me. She is also afraid of seeing doctors and needles,” Wu said, in a telephone interview with Epoch Times.

The sight that triggered his wife’s descent was a doctor dropping her just-born baby into a plastic bag and paying a cleaning lady 80 yuan ($13) to bury it.

“The baby was still breathing and moving when the doctor put him into a plastic bag,” Wu said.

Later, his wife started having nightmares. She felt guilty for not having protected her child. She also became ill-tempered and started showing signs of mental disorder.

His wife was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia on June 14, but Wu has been unable to afford psychiatric treatment. He demanded compensation from local authorities and the provincial family planning bureau, but none have seen fit to respond.

Wu and his wife Gong Qifeng are residents of Anping Town, Lianyuan City in Hunan. In a telephone interview with Epoch Times, Wu said that family planning officials took his wife from their home on Nov. 1, 2011.

He went to the local family planning office and was told that his wife must undergo induced labor, despite Wu’s pleas against it.

Two hours later, a family planning official called to tell him that his wife was given a shot. When Wu rushed to the hospital, his wife said four people had held her down while a doctor gave her an injection in the belly. “She was very scared. But she could not fight back. She just cried loudly,” Wu said.

“‘My husband is disabled. Don’t induce labor on me,’ she said, but they ignored her plea,” Wu added.

After lying in excruciating pain for 35 hours, Gong gave birth to a baby boy. Gong told Wu to keep the baby, but the doctor stopped him and said the injection was lethal and the baby would die soon.

That’s when the doctor dropped the baby into a bag and paid the cleaning lady, who told him she’d bury the body at a nearby mountain.

Wu has posted the story online, but unlike other extreme incidents of abuse associated with the enforcement of the one child policy, the reaction has been muted.

He recently began speaking about his wife’s ordeal to Chinese media, including accusing a family planning official of forging his signature on an agreement to induce labor in his wife. Afterwards, several family planning officials threatened to seek revenge if they lost their jobs, Wu said.

Shocking accounts of late term forced abortions appear periodically in the Chinese press. Last March, the forced abortion of a woman seven months pregnant in eastern Anhui Province drew strong public outcry.

In early July, a four-month pregnant woman in Guizhou Province was in critical condition after local authorities beat her and forcibly aborted her baby.

Congressman Chris Smith has commented that abortion is “a weapon of mass destruction” in China.

“Today in China, rather than being given maternal care, pregnant women without birth allowed permits are hunted down and forcibly aborted,” he said during a hearing in July of 2012.

The Chinese regime initiated population control policies in the 1970s, and stepped up the efforts in the 1980s with the one-child policy. Doctors in China have performed 336 million abortions and 196 million sterilizations, and inserted 403 million intrauterine devices over the decades, according to official statistics. Every year they abort roughly 7 million pregnancies, sterilize almost two million men and women, and insert seven million intrauterine devices, according to data from the Ministry of Health.


Jane Lin
Jane Lin