Chinese University Student Arrested for Supporting Hunger Strike to Defend Human Rights

March 11, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 11, 2006 12:00 am

Bao Ying, a senior student majoring in tourism management and the head of the Class of '02 at Lanzhou University motivated his entire class to participate in the March 6th Worldwide Hunger Strike together with tens of thousands of other people around the world. The hunger strike was to support lawyer Gao Zhisheng and to protest violence in China. Local Public Security agents were informed and the entire class was interrogated by the Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau. Bao Ying was detained. A fellow classmate, Liu Xifeng, sent emails overseas asking for help. Bao Ying was released after being detained by Chinese communist spies for 13 days. Liu Xifeng, however, who initiated Bao Ying's rescue efforts, is still in detention. In the meantime, Huang Qi, a fellow classmate of the Class '02, has courageously stepped out and called onto the international community to rescue Liu Xifeng.

Liu Xifeng sent his request for help by email to Fei Liangyong in Germany, chairman of the Federation for a Democratic China. Fei Liangyong informed Sound of Hope Radio Network (Sound of Hope) about the Lanzhou University students supporting Gao Zhisheng's hunger strike to defy violence.

Shanghai lawyer Guo Guoting, who was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and who fled to Canada, published an article titled “The CCP Must Immediately and Unconditionally Release Lanzhou University Student Liu Xifeng.” Guo Guoting stated:

“Tourism management student and leader of the Class of '02, Bao Ying, can be considered a university student hero. He was detained for 13 days for calling upon all of his classmates to support the World Wide Hunger Strike against violence. He was released after his classmate Liu Xifeng sent details about his arrest to the international community. However, after the CCP released Bao Ying, they arrested and detained Liu Xifeng. This once again shows what kind of scoundrel regime the CCP is. A regime that is afraid of university students knowing the truth, a regime that uses illegal means and terrorism to suppress students while trying to stay in power. Today, another fellow student, Huang Qi, has courageously stepped forward and brought out information about Liu Xifeng's arrest to the rest of the world. I feel proud for Bao Ying, Liu Xifeng, and Huang Qi. They represent the conscience of and set the future for Chinese university students.”

Guo Guoting condemned the CCP regime'sarbitrarily arresting university students. This behavior further proves that the CCP is near its end and has completely lost sanity and order. Guo Guoting also once again warned Hu Jintao, China's current president, and Wen Jiabao, China's current Premier not to allow officials to conduct such crimes. He called upon the Chinese people in China and around the world and upon the international society to pay close attention to the crimes the CCP is committing at the Lanzhou University. He also asked the international community to publicly condemn the atrocities committed by the CCP.