Chinese State Security Agent Beats Independent Candidate

By Tang Yu, The Epoch Times
September 15, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: September 15, 2006 12:00 am

Mr. Sun Buer, a Pan-Blue Camp candidate running for the local-level People's Congress of Wuhan City was beaten by a local state security agent on the evening of September 12. Mr. Buer was hospitalized with severe bleeding from wounds on his face and head after the attack.

Mr. Sun's mother wept and said, “On the way home, we were both beaten. There were three or four people, but only one of them beat [my son], and he fainted right there. It took him a while to gain consciousness. I cried out loud to the security agent, 'You're beating him to death.' The security agents then used bricks to hit him. They were very brutal and aimed at his head.”

She said, “I stood in front of my son to protect him, yet the security agents moved me away and then hit his head really hard. I was also hit in the head. I told the security agents I just had a medical operation, but he hit me just the same. I was so scared that I almost passed out. They were so cruel. I haven't seen it so bad before. I read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and had some doubts. Now I feel that the Chinese Communist Party is just like the mafia.

“I decided to fight with the CCP until the end. It is merciless to anyone who touches on the issue of democracy. It dispatched thugs to beat my son. I support my son. He is right. I will always support my son and fight with this evil party until the end,” said she.

The injured Sun Buer said, “I am feeling very dizzy. It was just because of the election. What other conflicts do we have? I was beaten by a state security agent. I'll send you some pictures. I need to see the doctor now.”

Sun Buer used his real name Sun Wenyan to run for the election. He began campaigning in Jianghan District by introducing his ideas and distributing T-shirts with an image of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's and some words about seeking equality. He has received wide support in the district. Since he declared he was running, he was frequently pressured and harassed by the election offices and public security bureau.

Sun believes that a team of three security agents were hired to watch him. He said in the beginning, the police was only making small disturbances under the table. Then it escalated to open robbery and beating.