Chinese Returning From South Korea Have To Pay Quarantine Fee

By Zoe Hu
Zoe Hu
Zoe Hu
March 9, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020

Chinese state media have reported less than 10 cases of COVID-19 infections outside Hubei Province every day since March 1. Deceived by the misleading CCP reports, many Chinese in South Korea believed the epidemic was more severe in South Korea than in China. Some of them decided to seek shelter by returning to China. Upon arriving at the airport, however, the CCP authorities forced them into quarantine. Despite the quarantine being free for foreigners, Chinese people must pay a high fee.

Amid such a major epidemic that jeopardizes public health and safety, the government not only shirks its responsibility, but asks people to pay at their own expense. What impact does it have on the lives of the poor and the whole society?

Video 1

Look. All these people returning to Qingdao from South Korea are forced into quarantine. It is a forced quarantine. There are small fences.

The following video shows a Chinese woman who works at a South Korean airport kindly reminding people about the real situation inside China’s coronavirus epidemic.

Video 2

Staff: The cost of the quarantine seems to be 8,000 yuan ($1,150) per person. They put several people together, and the infected are mixed with the uninfected, which is extremely dangerous. This is the Chinese regime… Put on your face mask before talking. In South Korea, the case is, if you are infected, the government will pay you 450,000 won ($380) per month to cover your living expenses.

The man: Per month?

Staff: Exactly. And the government will provide you with treatment free of charge. But in China, the quarantine is only free for foreigners. Chinese people must pay around 7,000 or 8,000 ($1,000-1,150) for it. It is also troublesome after the quarantine because you don’t know when you are allowed to go home. And when you come home, they will pay frequent visits to you. The residential committee or the neighborhood committee will come to you whenever there is a problem.

The man: I may not be quarantined if I don’t have a fever.

Staff: That is your own opinion. But you have no say in this. You have no say in China. It is the CCP government that calls the shots. They are just like beasts. You must follow whatever orders they give. Otherwise, they will lock you at home and weld your door, which is quite common. You have to think carefully.

The man: Oh.

Staff: Additionally, some people said those who are quarantined at home would have been subsidized 50 yuan ($7) per day, but the money was embezzled, and you get nothing.

The man: Okay, Okay. I won’t return. I won’t return. I just stay abroad.

Staff: You must think carefully before you go.

The man: Let’s see.

Staff: Think before you leave.

The man: Why would I come back? I won’t. I haven’t been back for two years.

Staff: Then you are smart. Just don’t return. If you return to China, even if you are safe from coronavirus, you are not safe from the scourge of the CCP. That is for sure. I tell you.

The man: Anyway, people like us should first learn more about the situation.

Staff: Clever people always learn about the situation first, while those who are not so smart just return without a second thought. The policy of CCP makes it free for foreigners but exorbitantly high for the Chinese. Understand? They are the ones who decide whether you are sick or not, and who is infected with coronavirus.

The man: Quarantine shouldn’t cost that much. Do we pay for all the food and vegetables and accommodation during the quarantine?

Staff: You pay 8,000 yuan ($1,150).

The man: How much?

Staff: 8,000 yuan for 14 days. That is the money you have to give to the CCP.

The man: That is 8,000 yuan.

Staff: Yes. A mandatory 8,000 yuan for every Chinese person, but free for foreigners.

The man: Ah.

Staff: If you return to China, you must pay for the quarantine fee. The money is given to the CCP. You have no other options.

In China, there are many policies that favor foreigners, as the Chinese government tries to please foreigners and bolster its image in the international community. It does not care that such outright discrimination will hurt the feelings of Chinese nationals, because Chinese citizens don’t have the right to cast votes during elections or on social issues.

Zoe Hu
Zoe Hu