Chinese Regime Locks Up Dissidents in Military Sanitariums

August 6, 2007 Updated: August 6, 2007

ZHANJIANG CITY, China—A sanitariums of Guangzhou Military Area Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has allegedly detained a large number of dissidents from the military, according to an interview with Tan Linshu's family by a human rights team of the web site Tan Linshu, a naval captain, is currently held in Military Mental Hospital No. 191 located in Guigang City, Guangxi Province.

Both Tan Linshu and his wife, Deng Shuzhen, were held in custody in the No. 191 mental hospital after they appealed to Beijing authorities for help. Deng Shuzhen was later thrown out of the hospital by several hospital employees. She told

“More than half of the patients in the No. 191 Mental Hospital are dissidents from the military who have offended their superiors. They are not mentally disordered. A new soldier, for example, 17 years old or so, was sent there because he offended his squad leader. Luckily, his father spent 10,000 yuan so he could avoid additional torture. Some new soldiers were detained before their orientation training is finished only because they did not follow every order. Their families are not notified at all.”

“Shut up for a long time with mental patients and forced to take medicines, these soldiers are suffering severe torture of both mind and body. You can't imagine what they have been through in the hospital unless you really experienced it.”

Although Deng Shuzhen has been home for a few days, the horrible experiences continue haunting her in her dreams every night. She cannot recall the hellish days in the hospital without pouring out bitter tears. She prays that someone could help rescue her husband as soon as possible. She is even willing to go back to the hospital to take care of him, or at least visit with him for once, if allowed.

An insider told that many really mentally ill military individuals have been denied hospital treatment and were forced to be taken home.