Chinese Regime Leadership Successor Criticizes West

February 15, 2009 2:48 am Last Updated: February 16, 2009 6:00 pm

Recently, many mainland media ran high profile reports about Chinese communist regime vice-president Xi Jinping’s unusual criticism of western democratic counties.

“There are some foreigners who have nothing better to do, than to criticize China’s affairs. Now, China firstly does not export revolution, secondly does not export poverty and hunger, or make trouble with you, so why do you still want to complain?”  said Xi when he met with pro-Beijing overseas Chinese on February 11 during his visit to Mexico.

Xi belongs to a special group called the “Crown Princes” in China, which refers to the children of previous communist regime leaders. He entered the regime’s central leadership core—the Political Bureau in 2007, and has been widely viewed as Hu Jintao’s successor.

China observers believe it is odd that Xi did not speak in his usual moderate way, and ran counter to the undisclosed bureaucratic rule—never expose one’s true thinking.

Xi’s speech created quite a big impact on the mainland internet over which the regime has strict control. Many Chinese extremists, both inside and outside the mainland have voiced their support. They said that Xi’s speech makes them feel excited.

A blog article even showed up on the regime’s mouthpiece, Xinhua Net, titled, “Joyful, Xi Jinping Scolds Foreigners Who Have Nothing Better Thing To Do.”

However, Xi’s rude speech was not reported on the regime’s three main propaganda outlets, News Report on China Central TV, Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily, which reported only on Xi’s visit to Mexico.

Xi’s speech also created wide discussion in overseas media. Singapore’s Lianhe Zhaobao published a signed article saying that Xi using grassroots language to criticize “some foreigners” who interfere with China’s affairs was shocking. It may indicate that Xi is not favourably disposed towards western countries, and may preview his foreign policy if he indeed steps up in future.

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily said, although Xi did not point the finger at  a particular western country, the fact that he chose to make the speech in the backyard of the United States,  is quite revealing.

According to Hong Kong’s Southern China Morning Post, mainland media had received instructions on February 13 to take down all reports of Xi’s harsh words, and that all media should follow Xinhua’s standard report.

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