Chinese Police Officer Murdered for Publicly Renouncing the Communist Party

October 18, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: August 21, 2015 6:32 pm

In the face of severe internal crisis, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) publicly utilizes criminal methods. These desperate acts show that the CCP’s political power is ever so close to collapsing. Police officer Han Xinlei of Xi&#039an City, Shanxi Province, publicly declared his resignation from the evil CCP. As a result, Han fell victim to the CCP’s machinations and passed away on September 9, 2005. Han’s elderly parents and grandparents are leading difficult lives under the CCP’s continuous threats and intimidation. Even though Han’s entire family have been members of the police force, the CCP does not let up on them.

According to an article published on Minghui website on October 17, 2005, Han Xinlei, male and in his thirties, read the Epoch Times Nine Commentaries on Communist Party and was shocked by what he read. Han was extremely upset to learn about all the crimes that the CCP had committed. He felt his noble ideals to eliminate the bad and protect the good had been made a mockery of by the despicable Party. Therefore he publicly declared his resignation from the CCP and even returned his gun, as he had also decided to quit his job with the Xi’an public security bureau.

Since Han’s public withdrawal in June, the CCP had plotted to persecute him. The CCP kept monitoring him and waited for the right moment. One day at the end of August, he left his home to go shopping. Suddenly, a person appeared from behind and used an object (most likely an iron rod or stone) to strike the back of Han’s head and knock him to the ground. Han lay unconscious and in critical condition.

Han’s family rushed him to the hospital but even then, the CCP sent plain-clothed police officers to continue monitoring and persecuting him. On one occasion, a kind-hearted nurse noticed that Han’s breathing tube was removed and she immediately notified his parents. Han’s parents were very worried upon learning that someone still wanted to harm their son so they decided to stand guard around the clock. At the same time, they demanded the Xi’an public security bureau quickly solve the case and bring the assassin to justice.

However, officials at the Xi’an public security bureau consipired to prolong the case. They told Han’s parents that there was no need to file the case because Han would remember everything once he awakened. Several days later, the two elderly parents became extremely weak and could no longer stand guard and they fell asleep. Someone seized the opportunity and again tried to harm Han. Sadly, when Han’s parents and the nurse discovered what had happened, it was too late.

In extreme anguish, Han’s parents once again asked officials at the Xi’an public security bureau to quickly solve the case but were told that since the person had already died, there was no need to file the case.

A renowned political commentator, Hu Ping, who recently analyzed the incident at Tiashi village, pointed out that public terror and the CCP’s shift to criminal tactics is a sign of a further deterioration in its political power. The international community should pay attention to this.