Chinese Man Clutches Onto Speeding Car During Dispute

By Cassie Ryan, Epoch Times
February 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A man in southwest China was seen clinging to the windshield of a car traveling at nearly 90 miles per hour last weekend, after he fell out with the driver over a debt.

The man, a Mr. Chen, was stuck on the car for a distance of over 18 miles before highway police managed to stop the driver, a Mr. Lu, at a toll station in Guizhou Province, reported.

Chen had been in Qinzheng City arguing with Lu about some money he owed him. When Lu tried to leave in his white SUV, Chen went to stop him, but Lu kept on driving, and the other man got stuck on the front of the car.

Photos on show Chen on the windshield of the car at the toll booth station.

A blogger on Shanghaiist joked about one of the images: “First photo: ‘Hey! the correct toll booth for SUVs with people clinging to the front is over there!'”

Another one of the photos shows Chen sitting on the windshield playing with his smartphone, while Lu was arguing with a policeman.

Research by Sophia Fang.