Chinese Man Buys Audi With Vanload of Cash

March 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A snacks wholesaler in Hebei Province bought an Audi 4s with boxloads of small notes and coins that he had been collecting for years.

Mr. Li brought the stacks of money to a car dealership in Handan City, according to China News.

He told the manager he had 119,300 yuan (nearly $20,000), and wanted to use the money to buy an Audi, adding that he could bring more money if that was not enough.

The manager arranged for the money to be counted by tellers from a nearby bank. The cash included 103,000 1 yuan notes, and 16,300 1 yuan coins. (1 yuan is worth about 16 cents).

As well as getting his new car, Mr. Li no longer has to worry about where to keep all the money. “I wanted to buy an Audi, which solved all my problems,” he said.

Research by Sophia Fang