Chinese Leader Visits Germany and Is Given a Lesson from History

By Fang Ting, Epoch Times Staff
November 13, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

BERLIN – On November 10, Chinese Chairman Hu Jintao began his four-day state visit to Germany. On the same day, close to 500 civilians gathered in Berlin to march in support of those who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Epoch Times reporter Fang Ting was at the gathering and interviewed Xue Wei, Chairman of the Chinese Alliance for Democracy (CAD), who flew in from the United States.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Reporter: Mr. Xue Wei, in your opinion, if the CCP really collapses, would China be in chaos?

Xue Wei: The source of China’s chaos is in fact the CCP. In China, there are no so-called problems with Taiwan or Tibet because the fundamental problems are with the CCP. In the hearts of the Chinese, the biggest problem is breaking through the Berlin Wall that is in their hearts. So what is this Berlin Wall in the hearts of the Chinese? It is a type of fear. Fear towards the CCP because it has tanks, machine guns, and canons. It has brutally murdered tens of millions of Chinese and its on-going suppression has left the Chinese gasping for air. One day, when China’s 1.3 billion people say “No” to the CCP, then that will tear down this Berlin Wall. At that time, the CCP will disappear like a puff of smoke and China will not be in chaos. A democratic China will be born.

Reporter: How much longer do you think it will take for this to happen?

Xue Wei: The Berlin Wall was torn down 16 years ago today. I don’t think the Chinese people can tolerate it for another 16 years. I believe China is currently going through a phase. Someone once compared China to the former Soviet Union and that Stalin is just like Mao Zedong, Khrushchev is just like Deng Xiaoping, and Brezhnev is just like Jiang Zemin. Gorbachev did not immediately follow because prior to him there were Andropov and Chernenko. The current era is that of Hu Jintao’s. In my opinion, history is giving Hu an opportunity. If he makes the right choices, he will change China’s history. If not, he will become a criminal in history. I believe that after Hu, a brand new era will begin. When that happens, it will be when the Chinese people can truly begin to stand up.

Reporter: What do you hope to ask of Hu during your special trip to Berlin?

Xue Wei: We want to tell him several things. First, the Chinese people can no longer tolerate the CCP’s dictatorship. He has to quickly fulfill his vows to lift the ban on free press, free political parties, and democratic voting. Second, stop persecuting those who are fighting for freedom, especially the Falun Gong practitioners who believe in truth, compassion, and tolerance. Third, stop threatening war against Taiwan. Stop threatening the Taiwanese and let younger generations decide. We should maintain the status quo and not allow war to break out. Those are the three things that I would like to say to Hu. At the same time, I would also like to say to Hu that history is giving him a lesson because he chose to visit on the 16th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s collapse. That in itself is a lesson the Germans are teaching Hu and history is educating him. In regards to what should be done next, he should truly ask himself that question. He could either put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha with a compassionate heart or become deceitful and evil. It all depends on his one spontaneous thought, so he should really think deeply.

China’s military cannot be nationalized and that is China’s biggest problem. However, the CCP is not a piece of metal and its troops are not pieces of metal. We saw how its troops divided during the Tiananmen Square student massacre in 1989. There were officers and soldiers who did not want to persecute and slaughter the unarmed civilians. So I think that as long as the Chinese people can be more like the Germans and bravely stand up to fight, and be good at it, then the military can be disintegrated. Will the troops dare to open fire? Will they dare to act like they did on Tiananmen Square 16 years ago? Will they still dare to continue committing crimes in defiance to the voices from around the world? If they do, then they will face a historic trial and I think history will not replay itself again.