Chinese Infuriated the God of Rain

October 2, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: August 21, 2015 6:55 pm

In Fujian province in the east of China more than 210 thousand people were evacuated because of the powerful typhoon “Longwang” approaching, as reported by RIA “News”.

Evacuation affected several big cities of Fuzhou province, Xiamen and Zhangzhou, where people were urgently taken away from rural areas and lowlands.

According to the data received on 7 pm local time, the typhoon Longwang was located at 100 kilometers to the south east from the seaside city of Siamen and it was moving to the West with 15 kilometers per hour speed.

It is expected that the typhoon would reach the East coast of China by Sunday night.

Earlier on Sunday, typhoon swiftly passed above the territory of Taiwan, causing serious damage to the island.

There is information about one 60-year old man who died in the hospital of the city Hualian, having been previously rescued from under the ruins of his house, destroyed by mud flow. One more woman, who was thrown down into the river by wind gust, is considered lost.

Totally about 50 people had suffered from Longwang.

In ancient Chinese mythology, Longwang (literally, Dragon King) was considered the God of rain. In Chinese villages, up until now, they worship Longwang, begging him for rain during drought and promising him a reward in a case of good harvest.