Chinese Human Rights Activist Calls to Rescue Chinese Defector

By Zhang Benzhen & Ren Zihui, The Epoch Times
November 3, 2006 Updated: November 3, 2006

TOKYO—On October 29, Wei Jingsheng, the well-know Chinese human rights and democracy activist, called on the international community to rescue Jia Jia, a former Chinese official who escaped to Taiwan on October 22 and later entered Hong Kong to seek political asylum.

Jia JIa is now in Thailand, but his future is uncertain. It is hoped that asomer free nation will offer Jia jia asylum; so far no nation has stepped forward.

Wei urged the United Nations, the Hong Hong government, Japan and all other democratic nations to protect Jia Jia, and said that Jia's public renunciation from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has set a good example for those who are reluctant to quit the CCP.

Wei made the appeal during an interview after he gave a speech titled “Wei Jingsheng, Prisoner of Conscience, Talks about Human Rights in China” at a seminar in Tokyo held by Amnesty International Japan.

Jia Jia is One of the Millions of Chinese Who Have Resigned from the CCP

Wei Jingsheng commended Jia Jia for his courageous public resignation from the CCP, which has further confirmed the massive movement of quitting the CCP, though most people could only quit the Party secretly. Wei believes that Jia's deeds will encourage those who do not dare to stand out and denounce the CCP.

Wei pointed out that many lower-level CCP members have actually been kidnapped by the party and forced to serve the vested interest class at the sacrifice of their own interests. These lower-level CCP members, said Wei, should have quit the CCP long time ago.

“As this renunciation movement continues,” said Wei, “people will become more and more courageous, and this movement will eventually break the CCP into pieces. So by supporting this movement, we can help free Chinese people from this situation of being kidnapped by the CCP.”

Wei also advised Chinese people to quit the CCP in pseudo names to protect themselves from CCP's persecution, even if this may give rise to suspicion for the credibility of the headcount.

Song Yunfu speaks at the seminar in representative of the Life and Human Rights Watch for Repatriated North Koreans (The Epoch Times)
Song Yunfu speaks at the seminar in representative of the Life and Human Rights Watch for Repatriated North Koreans (The Epoch Times)

The Free World Should Lend Help to Jia Jia

Wei expressed his good wishes for those who gave up a comfortable life in China for freedom and justice. He said they would be relatively safe in countries such as the United States.

Wei criticized Taiwan government who deported Jia Jia, a rare decision for a democratic country like Taiwan. Wei told the reporter that asylum applications in Taiwan are usually processed by Taiwan Minister of Mainland Affairs Council.

Wei expects Hong Kong police to protect Jia Jia, as Hong Kong's legal system is not fully controlled by the CCP. He also pointed out that the U.N., especially its Hong Kong office, has the obligation to help Jia Jia, and should not keep silent.

Another speaker at the seminar, Mr. Song Yunfu from Life and Human Rights Watch for Repatriated North Koreans, said that he was very surprised at Taiwan's deportation of Jia Jia. Song also calls for the attention and support of the international world and media, pleading to rescue Jia Jia before he is repatriated.