Chinese Public Disappointed by Hong Kong’s Phoenix Television

March 13, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Respected human rights defender Li Guotao from Shanghai
Respected human rights defender Li Guotao from Shanghai
Since the Epoch Times February 26 article, "Suppression of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) helps Falun Gong," people both inside and outside China have become increasingly critical of the Chinese regime.  Some have noted that the CCP has become frustrated by the dialog fostered from the article.

In an effort to combat this wave of pro-Falun Gong sentiment, on March 4 Hong Kong’s Phoenix Television (PTV) broadcast a program that sought to demonize Falun Gong.

The program featured quotes from so-called overseas scholars and Chinese Christian representatives, though many of the sources were found to be forgeries.

Li Guotao, a respected human rights defender from Shanghai,  said PTV will be surprised by the actual effect of their program. “The PTV program spread such crudely concocted rumors that their efforts will only serve in helping Falun Gong over time,” he said. “Over the past few days, people in China have expressed disappointment in PTV and accused the TV program of blatantly spreading anti-Falun Gong propaganda.”

Li went on to say that while CCP media is designed to promote itself, it only succeeded in helping Falun Gong.

Li observed that on the surface, PTV appeared to be more objective than mainland China media.  However, with this March 4 program it revealed itself to be yet another mouthpiece of the CCP. “Because a lot of people hate the CCP, they are certain to direct their anger toward PTV now as well,” said Li. “Some people claimed that they will not watch the news on PTV anymore.”

"They wanted to demonize Falun Gong, but judging from the reaction of the people in mainland China, one can tell that they have actually produced an opposite effect: People now support Falun Gong with even greater sympathy. They know that Falun Gong practitioners were not only cruelly persecuted, but have also been the victim of malicious lies," said Li.

Li said that in the midst of tribulation and despair, Chinese people have developed a keen sense. “They are no longer so easily fooled by the media. Seeing this display of blatant propaganda, I only feel sorry for PTV for its pathetic attempt," said Li.

Li believes that programs such as the one seen on PTV throw a glaring spotlight on the CCP’s fears and despair.

“The CCP is being besieged from all sides. The national economy, politics and people's livelihood are all in a complete mess, and complaints of the government are heard everywhere. Individuals and organizations are springing up from all directions in defense of civil rights, and there is a seemingly endless emergence of massive protests. People are developing more courage to stand up to the authorities, and there is now no turning back. One can easily see the end of the CCP regime just over the horizon,” said Li.

"The CCP fears not only the conscience and courage of the Chinese people, but also the growing number of Falun Gong supporters from around the world. PTV tried to sway these overseas individuals by using bogus foreign scholars, while spreading rumors to fool the Chinese people. "

"Yet they’ve only succeeded in seeding their destruction—as well as helping Falun Gong to grow," said Li.

Li said that more than 50 million people have formally withdrawn from the CCP—according to the Epoch Times website—indicating the growing awakening of the Chinese people.

“But there are actually far more than 50 million,” added Li. “Many people just do not have the means to express their true feelings. People from all social classes, including senior officials, across China are now openly criticizing the CCP.”

“As a Chinese, I am very grateful to Falun Gong practitioners and to all who support the movement of quitting the CCP. These efforts will help save China.” Li proclaimed.

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