Chinese Feng Shui Master Sells Spells Online — And They Work, Say Customers

By Ariel Tian
Ariel Tian
Ariel Tian
July 8, 2013 Updated: July 8, 2013

A 30 year-old feng shui master in China makes over 100,000 yuan ($16,303 dollars) a month selling spells, talismans, and other good luck charms through an online shop.

A Loudi City, Hunan Province native, Luo Shun launched a shop on the online shopping website in October last year to make it more convenient for his growing customer base to purchase feng shui goods, according to a report by a local news portal. Luo began his feng shui business in 2002.  

Among the 162 geomantic goods sold, which range in price from 38 to 2000 yuan ($6 to $326 dollars), Luo makes 16 different good luck spells for customers eager to improve their life woes, from the typical wishes for good health, riches, and successful careers, to the more peculiar “atoning for one’s sin after having an abortion” spell. Abortion among Chinese women is a common practice due to China’s one-child policy, where couples can be heavily fined for having a second child.

The most popular spell, called “a change of heart,” sells for 300 yuan ($49 dollars) and promises to repair the love lives of “those who have just broken up or where the other party has become cold and distant in romance, as well as married couples or lovers who have been apart for a period of time.” In the past 30 days, more than 2,200 of these have been purchased by those pining for their lovers.

The website ensures that the spells are customized based on one’s birth data, then handmade on pieces of paper, and consecrated during a Taoist ceremony. Buyers just need to provide their name, gender, and birthdate in both the Western and lunar calendar.

For some spells, like the one for good mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships, buyers need to contact the master for specific instructions on how to use the spell. But most can simply be used by placing the written spell under the pillow, wearing it around one’s neck, or carrying it around at all times.

Customers have mostly been satisfied with the products, with the shop earning a 99.6 percent favorable customer feedback. One customer wrote, “It really is very effective. On June 23 at around 6pm evening time, my cell phone rang to show that my spell had been sent out. At around 8pm my friend and I were at the hair salon and he sent a message to my friend asking how I was doing. Then, he called me. It was the first time he called me in half a month.” She continued, “The spell hasn’t been in full effect yet. I will patiently await the results.”

Ariel Tian
Ariel Tian