Chinese Farmers Say No to Olympics

By Fang Xiao, Epoch Times
July 9, 2007 Updated: July 9, 2007

After learning about live organ removals from Falun Gong practitioners,and how children are abused as slaves in pottery factories in Shanxi, farmers who lost their lands to the government, told The Epoch Times that they have seen the real face of the Chinese communist party (CCP). The farmers believe having the Olympics in Beijing does not mean anything when there are no basic human rights in China.

“We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics”

Wang Guilin, a representative of the farmers who lost their lands to the government in Fujin City, Heilongjiang province, said the CCP only want to beautify its image by holding the Olympics. There are numerous people in China who can't afford to eat, go to school, or see a doctor. Instead of solving the basic problems, the CCP tells the international society that human rights in China are at its best in history. “The government spends so much of tax payer's money to train professional athletes to win gold medals but does not give its taxpayers any human rights. Do gold medals mean anything? Over 7000 farmers signed petitions online supporting 'we want human rights, not Olympics.'”

A farmer said, “Holding Olympics in China is meaningless. There are no human rights here. The CCP doesn't treat us like human beings, why bother to have Olympics? Stop wasting our money!” “It's really hard for a farmer to make a living. There is no security in life- government arbitrarily takes over land when they see a good property, officials could not care less about us. The government promised to improve its human rights when they asked to hold the Olympics– they were lying,” said another farmer.

Many farmers said that under CCP rule, people cannot make a basic living and they are not allowed to complain. If anyone complains about the CCP, one is categorized as having bad political intentions and is arrested.

Awakening After Reading the 'Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party'

Some farmers expressed that they had a clearer understanding of the CCP after reading the Nine Commentaries. They said that last year they learned how to break the CCP's internet blockage and could access overseas websites. They were shocked to learn about hospitals in Shengyang city that removed Falun Gong practitioners' organs while they were still alive. They recalled how fierce the local police were when they arrested Falun Gong practitioners and they said they were convinced that the CCP could perform such brutal deeds.

The farmers believed that without the government's approval, no hospitals would dare to remove organs on such a large scale. They said that the CCP is so brutal to Falun Gong practitioners, who practice Truth, Compassion, Tolerance; it means they are scared of Falun Gong. The incidents of governments secretly allowing pottery factories in Shanxi to use children as slaves had made the farmers see the anti-humanity nature of the CCP.

Background on Farmers Who Lost Land

Twelve years ago, a man named Zhang Zhende, claiming to be a businessman from South Korea, went to Fujin City as an investor and colluded with local government in order to embezzle large amounts of insurance from the state. Zhang and the local government illegally acquired 95 thousand acres of land from over 40 thousand farmers in 63 villages to 'help develop the area.'

As the farmers strongly protested, the Fujin City Public Safety Bureau worked with the underground criminals–they burned down villagers' houses and schools, and shot and injured many villagers. The farmers were forced to relinquish the land in the end. Afterward, the government, in the name of constructing water infrastructure, compulsorily acquired 200 thousand acres of land from the farmers without giving any compensation.

To try to get their lands back, villagers went to the central government to appeal one after another over the past 12 years. The central government brutally suppressed the farmers and had them pay a price for fighting for their rights.