Chinese Farmers Discontent with Communist Party

October 3, 2007 12:00 am Last Updated: October 3, 2007 12:00 am

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a chaotic party! I will not be part of it. The CCP is ruthless!” exclaims Yao Fufa, a farmer from Guangxi, China. Yao recently requested a volunteer from the Global Service Centers for Quitting the CCP to help him declare his resignation from the CCP.

Yao is just one of the over 25 million people who have already renounced their CCP membership and affiliations since 2004, when The Epoch Times published its editorial series the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . Each day, Global Service Centers for Quitting the CCP receive numerous resignation requests from Chinese citizens as well as phone calls, emails and faxes asking how they can officially withdraw from the CCP and its affiliations, including the Communist Youth League and Young Communist Pioneers.

Discontent in a Communist Society

According to Yao, severe disparity and political injustice exists in his hometown. Yao expressed that all the political officials in his village reside in mansions while the farmers could not afford one even if they saved up every penny for generations.

In addition, the officials continually deceive the farmers, and any attempts to sue results in arrests. The police visit each family daily, and if there are any signs of unwillingness to cooperate with them, the farmers are immediately arrested, according to Yao.

Many older workers were laid off from a factory when it switched owners. When the laid off workers decided to appeal in Beijing, the local regime sent police to arrest and imprison them. The laid off workers were later released after signing a statement forfeiting their rights to protest.

According to Yao, there are currently organizational efforts to establish the farmer's own political party, a “Agricultural Party.” The details are not yet released, but the farmers claim to have already acquired sponsorship from a wealthy Hong Kong man.