Chinese Expats Believe in State Media’s Propaganda that Outbreaks Outside China Are More Severe

March 13, 2020 Updated: March 19, 2020

Chinese expats are wondering whether to extend their stay in South Korea.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, the Communist regime has covered up the severity of the epidemic within its borders. Chinese state media have spread the propaganda that the virus outbreak in South Korea is worse than in China.

Many Chinese nationals in South Korea believe the propaganda and thus wish to return to China.

However, there are also some Chinese who are trying to find a way to stay in South Korea.

Staff at the immigration office of South Korea speak with Chinese nationals

Case 1:
Woman: If Chinese people’s tourist visa expires, is it okay not to leave?

Staff: Let me tell you. The epidemic is getting worse by the day. As long as you have a [temporary] ID card and keep your ID card—the South Korean government upholds humanitarian relief, so even if your [non-tourist] visa expires, they won’t force you to go back. Understand? If they do that, it is indirect killing. So you have to keep your ID card, because the situation is different now. If it is a communist government, it will force you to leave the country.

Man 1: You can consult the governmental website, and see when a visa expires, whether it’s okay to leave.

Staff: You can check the website of the disease prevention center.

Man 2: I won’t check it. I’ll just have the travel agent help me with it.

Staff: Be safe. Don’t wander around.

Man 1: One’s life is important. Who would mess with that?

Staff: Be safe. Don’t wander around. Try not to get caught. Be careful.

Man 2: Yes, Okay. Thanks.

Staff: Good bye.

Case 2:

Woman: If Chinese people’s tourist visa expires, is it okay not to leave?

Staff: No.

Woman: You have to leave?

Staff: Right. With a tourist visa, you won’t have an ID. You must leave if it expires, unless you are willing to be illegal.

Woman: It seems the North Koreans don’t have to go back?

Staff: That I don’t know. But I know that there is no need to go back for the time being for people who have an ID, an auto-renewed alien registration card. If you are on a tourist visa, you must go back when it expires.

Woman: You don’t have to leave with the one that’s good for three years, right?

Staff: You have to have an ID. Do you have one?

Woman: I do have one. I am asking for someone else.

Staff: I know. Does that person have an ID?

Woman: No. It’s a tourist visa.

Staff: Then he or she must leave if he or she doesn’t have an ID.

Woman: Must?

Staff: Right, or it’s illegal.

Woman: Would a marriage resolve it?

Staff: That’s a different issue. It depends.

Woman: He or she still must go back?

Staff: Once a tourist visa expires, you’ll become illegal. Think about it yourself. There’s no other way.

Woman: Thanks.

Staff: You are welcome. Be safe. Try not to walk around. It is very dangerous now.