Chinese Embassy in Libya Attacked Over Syria Veto

February 6, 2012 Updated: February 6, 2012

Syrians and their supporters in Libya beset the Chinese embassy in Tripoli on Monday, hurling eggs, rocks and tomatoes, to show their anger over the decision by the Chinese regime to veto a UN Security Council resolution that would have urged Syria’s ruler Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Around 50 protesters crowded outside the embassy, brandishing the Syrian-opposition flag while pelting rocks to smash its windows. Some graffitied the walls of the compound, according to BBC Chinese.

“All of this is because of what is happening in Homs, this is because of the Chinese and Russian veto,” said Ahmed Mourad, a Syrian expatriate in Libya, according to Reuters.

The embassy was guarded by armed men who said they were part of the Libyan government’s Supreme Security Committee, according to Reuters.

Demonstrators wanted to enter the compound, rip down the Chinese flag, and put up the red, black, and green flag of the Syrian opposition, as well as the flag of Libya’s National Transitional Council, which replaced the government of Moammar Gadhafi, who was killed in the culmination of the civil war in Libya last year.

The news was quickly circulated on the Chinese Internet. One trending post on Sina Weibo, a censored Chinese Twitter-like service, said, “The democratic Libyan people are quite awesome. I hope no one in the embassy was hurt. I don’t know how you feel upon seeing this photograph. If you’re very happy, I congratulate you for being a rare breed among Chinese people—you’ve already entered into the highest first, second, or third percentile.”

People’s Daily, the primary mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, argued that China’s veto of a resolution sanctioning al-Assad for killing and carrying out bombing raids on Syrian protesters, was “being responsible to the fundamental interests of the Syrian people.”