Chinese Defector Wins Support

November 6, 2006 Updated: November 6, 2006

Chinese defector, Mr. Jia Jia, former General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts, arrived in Thailand on November 3, 2006. Ever since Jia left his tourist group in Taiwan ten days ago and publicly announced his separation from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), his decision has won wide support from Chinese people, and has encouraged many other Chinese to quit the CCP. Every day during the past week, supporting messages poured in at The Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP (The Service Center) and at the Epoch Times' website for helping people to quit the CCP.

One announcement for quitting the CCP from Mentu City, Jilin Province (a province in northeast China), represented 62 people, calling themselves “Righteous People from North-east China”, and stated: “Since The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published two years ago, many things have happened that will determine the fate of the evil Party.”

Among the prominent people who have publicly renounced the CCP are former diplomat Chen Yonglin, former “610 Office” policeman Hao Fengjun, pilot Yuan Sheng, and lawyer Gao Zhisheng, the letter said. “A few days ago, Mr. Jia Jia, former General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts, joined their ranks. He safely arrived in Thailand, and can now start his new life of freedom.”

“Today, we, 62 righteous people from northeast China, would like to solemnly voice our determination, a voice that the evil Party fears the most: we now quit the evil Party and all of its affiliated organizations. This is our welcome to the first rays of light of democracy and freedom for China.”

One official in Sha'anxi Province called The Service Center and stated: “I saw the news on the Internet about Jia Jia's separation from Chinese authorities. Jia's actions will influence many others. I respect him and I am very concerned about his situation, and so do other people in China. The fact that the CCP will soon collapse is clear to many people. Even those within the CCP have announced their resignation from the CCP on the Internet. At the same time, it is a pity that many people are still misled by the CCP's lies and the false prosperity of China. I hope that overseas media will work harder to send information regarding The Nine Commentaries into China. The Nine Commentaries is a very powerful tool for destroying the CCP. It covers facts about the CCP in a way that the common people can understand. Everyone who has read the book is now furious at the CCP. The CCP has committed more severe crimes than anyone in history and it should have been buried a long time ago.”

Yajun from Beijing sent a statement to the Service Center: “I hereby declare that I am quitting the CCP today. Congratulations to Jia Jia who has safely arrived in Thailand with the help from people around the world.”

Xiaming from Huan Province stated: “Jia Jia courageously stood up to separate himself from Chinese authorities. I want to quit the CCP, the CCP Youth League and the CCP Young Pioneers Team.”

Gan Hong and 15 other people from Hunan Province expressed: “Chinese people support Jia Jia. We want to quit the CCP to support him. We also hope more people will quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.”

Mr. Qu from mainland China stated: “I support Jia Jia's righteous actions. I hereby sincerely announce my withdrawal from the evil party and its affiliated organizations. I no longer want to be part of it. I want to cleanse myself of the evil's mark and choose a bright future.”