Chinese Defector Talks about the Influence of Independent Media

November 14, 2006 Updated: November 14, 2006

In a recent interview, Mr Jia Jia, former general secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts currently residing in Thailand temporarily, said that it is popular amongst the Mainland public to get internet breakthrough software to understand the outside world.

Many Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are considering the problem of the CCP's collapse; many of them have escaped, transferred assets and sent children overseas to study abroad beforehand, etc.

He said that he listened the Voice of America and read news on the Epoch Times website regularly when he was in China. These independent media had a great influence on him.

Software Breaking Through Internet Blockade Popular

Jia Jia said: “I have always liked to listen to the Voice of America, but reception was poor because of the interference. Often it was quite unclear. More than three years ago, I went to a network company to find a better receiver, the store clerk recommended that I use an Internet breakthrough software—Free Gate.”

“People are willing to pay for the high price because it enables them to see information from The Epoch Times and many other media that are blocked by the CCP. They are eager to see and hear about these information. Because true information cannot be seen or heard under the reign of the CCP.”

Basically the computer industry in mainland China is made up of young people. Transactions in Internet breakthrough software are risky. Once caught by the CCP, the fine is in the magnitude of thousands or licenses revoked. Jia said that he learned from a senior staff of a computer company that the demand for such software is increasing.

“The CCP is controlling the Internet cafes very tightly. One must show the identification papers when visiting Internet cafes. The cafe must record the time of each visit and keep video monitoring records for those who surf the Internet.”

Jia said, “The CCP is controlling the Internet cafes very tightly. Basically people in mainland China are unable to hear voices that differ from the CCP. One must show the identification papers when visiting Internet cafes. The cafe must record the time of each visit and keep video monitoring records for those who surf the Internet.”

Under such tight control, some internet companies started to secretly sell software that can break through the regime's internet censorship, thus enabling internet users to open up channels on international public opinion. Such software has gained in popularity.

Intellectuals, Web Surfer and High-Level CCP Officials Read The Epoch Times

After buying an Internet breakthrough software, Jia was very surprised and excited on his first visit of the Epoch Times website. He thought that the reports on the website were exactly what the Chinese people need.

Jia said, “I have listened to the Voice of America for 20 years and surfed the Epoch Times website for three to four years. I want to care for the democracy movement advocators, make sacrifices for China's path to democracy, mobilize party members to quit the party and abandon the favorable conditions in China because the influence of the Voice of America and The Epoch Times on me is tremendous. In China, readers of the Epoch Times website are mostly senior intellectuals, young web surfers, and high level CCP officials.”

The failure of the Tiananmen Democratic Movement was a devastating blow to the Chinese people.

As for the spread of the Nine Commentaries in China, Jia said, “Yes, it is there, but it has not formed a scale. Currently those who can access the website and see it are mostly recruited by the CCP and have become a member of the party.”

Jia pointed out that the failure of the Tiananmen Democratic Movements 17 years ago is an unprecedented blow to the Chinese people. Try to think about it, citizens of the entire nation stood out, but they were still beaten by the CCP. The failure of that movement was a very big blow to the soul of the Chinese people.

Speaking of the Nine Commentaries, Jia believed it was a divine book. Many mainland people have forgotten about the CCP's crime, basically everyone has forgotten. Now there is a book summarizing the crimes the CCP has committed in the past 57 years, it is hard to come by because many who experienced the crime are either dead or have fled from China.

It is hard for mainland Chinese people to systematically and scientifically remember the CCP's crimes. The Nine Commentaries did just that. It scientifically and systematically summed up the crimes the CCP committed to its people. He said indignantly: “The means used by the CCP to control people is unprecedented; it suppresses people's minds and souls; it is truly ruthless.”

Every official is thinking about the collapse of the CCP

Jia also talked about the CCP's control methods. On the surface, the CCP had become more lenient but in reality it reflected that the party members no longer listen to the command of the CCP.

He said: “The CCP claims presently the Chinese people are enjoying the most lenient and free period of rule. Why? Because we have let go, giving people high degrees of freedom. This is actually true but it is not because the CCP has truly let go or widened people's degree of freedom. It is because no one would follow the CCP to do evil things or to smear the democracy movement anymore.

“When the CCP issues an order to do something bad, no one would move. If a further document is issued, party members would feign ignorance. Now orders issued by the CCP are difficult to carry out because the party members are no long as impulsive as in the days of the Cultural Revolution. They would think, 'if I implement this order, what will happen to me when I step down from my post.'

“Therefore those on top and below are adjusting the political actions of party members. Not that they are free, they are considering what to do after the CCP disintegrates. At present, every one at the helm is contemplating the consequences.”