Chinese Defector Reveals Officials' Desire to Quit the Communist Party–UPDATED

October 27, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: October 27, 2006 12:00 am

Hong Kong—On the evening of Oct. 22, a technology official from Shanxi Province left his tour group upon arriving in Taiwan and sought political asylum. Four days later, he was deported and arrived in Hong Kong. He brings with him news of widespread discontent among Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials and hopes for a democratic China.

Mr. Jia Jia is the Secretary General of the Science and Technology Experts Association of Shanxi. In an interview with The Epoch Times, he said that the primary purpose of his trip to Taiwan was to sever all ties with the CCP.

Jia added that while many CCP officials and Chinese people condemn and curse the CCP, they also fear it. He said, “Today I would like to be a model by severing ties with and quitting the CCP in public. I would also like to urge all the Chinese officials to quit the CCP using their real names. I would like to quit the CCP in public on behalf of a large number of members of the Science and Technology Experts' Association of Shanxi.”

Jia emphasized, “If everyone quits the CCP in public, there will be no place for the CCP any longer. I want to be a model for people.”

Renouncing all ties with the CCP may be done by sending a statement to the Service Center for Quitting the CCP. Individuals may do so using their real name or an alias, for safety's sake. The Service Center receives the great bulk of such statements through the Internet, but also receives statements by phone, mail, and fax. There have been many reports in China of individuals announcing their intention to quit by glueing a statement to a wall or telephone pole.

In Mainland China one can only learn about the activities of the Service Center, and the movement it has assisted, through news that evades the Chinese regime's censors or by word of mouth.

Jia told The Epoch Times that he has ways to overcome the CCP's Internet blockade, and so has been able to read a lot of overseas news, including news about the movement to quit the CCP and The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party The Epoch Times' uncensored history of the CCP that has inspired the withdrawals from the Party.

He said, “I am in charge of many experts. Every day I work with many high-level CCP cadres. Each and every CCP cadre lives in fear every day.”

Widespread Desire to Quit the CCP

He added that many Party officials have been secretly passing among themselves the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” and discussing the explosive movement in China to quit the CCP. Jia said jokingly that, if the Chinese people are allowed to quit the CCP freely and safely, two days later the only CCP member to remain would be Hu Jintao, China's paramount leader.

“Dr. Gao Dawei and the many activities held by the Service Center to Quit the CCP inspired and motivated me. I have read many articles in The Epoch Times about Dr. Gao Dawei's Service Center to Quit the CCP and the [latest] statistics of 14 million people that have quit the CCP, the CCP's Youth League and Young Pioneer Group. Some people doubt the statistics. I want to step out and validate these statistics. The truth is that the number of people in China wishing to quit the CCP is far larger because they don't know the channel to quit the CCP.”

Jia's statements about the widespread interest among ordinary people and CCP cadres in quitting the CCP corroborates what numerous individuals have told personnel working for the Service Center when they contact it to quit.

Jia will have a press conference on the afternoon of Oct. 27 (Hong Kong time). He intends to explain how government officials and the public in China condemn the CCP's tyranny and to discuss the movement in China to quit the CCP and his own declaration quitting the CCP. He wants to urge more CCP officials to quit the CCP and establish a new Chinese democratic government. He also hopes to express in public the unified wish of those members of the Science and Technology Experts' Association of Shanxi who wish to quit the CCP.

Hoping for the World's Help—in Seven Days

Jia has so far managed to stay one step ahead of deportation back to Mainland China, where he would very likely suffer immediate detention and torture.

Jia sought political asylum in Taiwan, but his application was not processed in time. The local police in Taipei deported him because Jia had violated the regulations regarding Mainland Chinese tourists in Taiwan. On the afternoon of Oct. 26, Jia Jia boarded a plane in Taiwan that left for Hong Kong under the escort of Taiwanese police officers in civilian clothes.

After Jia arrived in Hong Kong Airport, he ran into Epoch Times reporters who were seeking an interview with him. He took the opportunity to flee from two policemen in civilian clothes that were prepared to escort him to a bus to Shenzheng, just across the border in Mainland China.

Jia is staying in Hong Kong at present, where is allowed to remain for seven days. He hopes that during this brief stay help from other nations will prevent him from being deported back to China.

Unusual Escape

Speaking of his departure from his tour group in Taiwan, Jia is still in awe of the experience. He said, “The Taiwanese government asked me how on earth I managed to depart from the tour group. What kinds of unusual capabilities do you have to flee from the tour group? How on earth did you manage to flee to Taipei under our tight watch? They find it incredible. In hindsight, I just got off the plane and walked away. It was a piece of cake for me to depart from my tour group. I truly feel it was divine providence.”

Jia successfully departed from his tour group in Taiwan after the group had finished a tour in Thailand. According to Taiwanese authorities, this is the very first time that a Mainland Chinese tourist fled from his tour group in the surveillance area of the airport since Taiwan opened its door to Mainland Chinese people traveling from outside of China.

When The Epoch Times made inquiries, no Taiwanese government organization could confirm whether Jia had been deported back to China. Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council repeatedly told us it that it would not make any comment on sensitive issues; it would not confirm whether Mr. Jia Jia has been deported or not.


This is Jia Jia's brief biography according to the official website of the Science and Technology Experts' Association of Shanxi ( ):

Jia was born in July 1951 in Tianjin City. He studied at the Beijing Business College in 1983. He started to work as an independent researcher and adjunct professor in 1986, where he was also offered consulting services and decision making roles for universities, governments and enterprises.

In 1996, Jia organized Shanxi Geaode Expert Services Inc. and became the president. In 1999, he was elected as the General Secretary of the Association of Shanxi Scientific and Technological Experts. Jia was overseeing the Expert Panel for the Shanxi Government as well.