Chinese Defector Followed by CCP Spies in Malaysia

January 12, 2007 Updated: January 12, 2007

Former Secretary General of the Shanxi Provincial Expert Association of Science and Technology Jia Jia has been closely tailed by spies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since arriving in Malaysia. His laptop was also stolen. He said that for the future of 1.3 billion Chinese people, he will continue to speak out without hesitation to expose the crimes of the CCP.

Jia appealed to the spies who are still working for the CCP “not to cooperate with the CCP in carrying out their missions that are against heavenly will, but to quit and abandon the CCP because its collapse is imminent and an indisputable reality.”

Laptop Stolen by a “Professional”

On December 29, Jia's laptop which was placed underneath his legs was stolen while he was sitting at a store in a mall. He only realized that his laptop was stolen after he stood up to leave. He said the laptop was taken away in a flash. It was so quick and swift that it must have been taken away by a professional spy who had been tailing him.

Jia said that the laptop stored all his personal and other important information. The CCP wants to know all his actions–where he is staying, what he does, and what activities he is involved in so that they can persecute him at any time.

Jia believes the main purpose for stealing his laptop is to find out the democratic reform plans and the names of pro-reformists in the party, government and armed forces, so as to thoroughly eliminate these anti-revolutionary powers.

Tailed Closely by Special Agents

A few days ago, while Jia was jogging near where he was staying, two strangers followed him up the stairs to the floor below and only left when they saw him entering his apartment.

On January 8, while Jia was meeting with some people in the hotel lobby, a suspicious looking person was wondering around nearby and when he realized that he was discovered, he went to the front door, made a phone call then left. But soon afterwards, two other Chinese men walked past Jia to a table nearby, one sat down and one remained standing. When Jia walked past the table when leaving, both of them stared at him.

Jia Jia says: “One can tell by just one look that they (the suspicious men in the hotel) are some kind of special police force from northern China.”

Jia Jia's Commitment to Encouraging Chinese to Quit the CCP and to Promote China Towards Democracy

In Jia Jia's opinion, after coming to Malaysia, he feels that the CCP's actions in Malaysia are even more atrocious compared to Thailand, but these are their routine tactics. He said, “For sure they are watching me closely because my defection was aimed at exposing them. I once said that the central CCP was the cause of all turmoil, tragedy and crime happening in China. The vast CCP members are also victims under the CCP's ferocious reign and are also longing for democracy and freedom in China.”

Jia Jia said that the CCP are waiting for the right time to abduct him back to China. The CCP believes that this action will give a clear warning to those who wish to quit the CCP and the democratic movement in Mainland China to not continue in their quest for freedom and democracy in China. He said, “The CCP is afraid of killing me at the moment. Killing me will definitely create an even stronger opposition from the pro-reformists in the party, government and armed forces. But the CCP thinks that any iron man in their hands will yield and speak according to their wishes because torturing people is what they are most capable of doing.”

Jia also said that he will continue to speak out. He said, “What I am doing after leaving China is exactly what the CCP fears the most–exposure.”