Chinese Defector Arrives in Indonesia

January 26, 2007 Updated: January 26, 2007

The former Secretary General of the Science and Technology Association in Shanxi Province who defected to Taiwan last year on October 23 left for Indonesia on January 24 after touring a few Asian countries. Mr Jia Jia expressed his gratitude to the concerned local and international communities. Jia says that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) influence has “extended” into Southeast Asian countries. Jia believes the communist regime has reached its dying stage now, and he appealed to the public not to be afraid to openly condemn the CCP to stop its tyranny.

During an interview, Jia said that the CCP is reaching the end of its days and is corrupt, incompetent and reactionary. He believes the new political reform in Mainland China recently launched is now in full-scale. Inside the central committee, a strong reform group has formed and serious splits have appeared between the reform group and the conservatives. This “good situation” is favorable to the reform group. He indicates that he will continue to do what he wants to do, which is to promote the political system reform in China.

After touring several Asian countries, Jia observed the CCP's influence in the Southeast Asian countries. When Jia was in Malaysia, a policeman told him that the Malaysian government wished to maintain a good relationship with the CCP.

Jia says that the CCP and China are two different notions. If the Malaysian government wanted to establish a good relationship with the CCP, then they would lose 1.3 billion people's support in China.

According to Jia, promoting democracy in China is also saving the lives of CCP members. He explains how the CCP has ordered 70 million Party members to advocate extreme violence against Chinese people, including Falun Gong practitioners, and makes Chinese people fight against each other. His defection is to tell the CCP members and the Chinese people that they are all victims of the communist regime and all people hope for the realization of democracy and freedom in China; therefore, they should be friends not enemies.

Jia points out that he is still traveling around and needs a steady place to carry out his promotion of the political system reform in China. He believes CCP agents have been following him everywhere he goes and may possibly try to abduct him back to China to attack the wave of withdrawals from the CCP and to stop the reform steps. Jia wishes for the international community to continue to be attentive to his situation and for a democratic country to offer him asylum.