Chinese Communist Party Releases Very Own Propaganda Video

February 9, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

China’s communist regime is going to help make the sky bluer, the harvests better, pensions bigger, and wives prettier—so says a recent, short propaganda film published online. The piece was produced by a Beijing-based film company who has made previous forays into the world of Chinese state propaganda, but never in quote so saccharine a mood as this item.

Heavy on ducks, little children, and obedient and hopeful representatives of the masses, the video depicts the Chinese Communist Party, and its 80 million members, not as a New Class lauding it over the citizenry with a constellation of privileges, but as stern and thrifty cheerleaders and helpers to the dreams of the Chinese people. 

Viewers don’t appear to be particularly convinced, judging by the comments left on the video on YouTube (which is blocked in China.) 

“After the Chinese communist mafia has developed to a certain point, it has to wash itself off,” says lugang wang. “What’s the meaning of this propaganda film?” another user asks. “It’s a very strange thing.”