Chinese College Girl Says Will Sell Self for Father

December 6, 2011 7:50 am Last Updated: October 2, 2015 2:58 pm
The Chinese College Girl Ready to Do Anything to Save Her Father. (

After her father was given a sentence of life imprisonment for no proven wrongdoing, a Chinese college student advertised herself as a “mistress” to any official that is willing to uphold justice and set him free.

Very quickly the desperate appeal got 142,000 hits and over 2,000 comments on China’s second largest microblog site,

The Nov. 25 post said, “My name is Wang Ting, college student in Liaoning, Anshan city. My father has been illegally sentenced for a crime he never committed. We have expended all our resources in vain to restore justice. Finally I make an appeal: if any high ranking official can come forward to uphold justice for my father, I’m willing to become his mistress.” (

To prove her father’s innocence, Wang Ting uploaded 17 pages of court documents and left her cell phone number and QQ ID (QQ is a popular Chinese instant messenger).

Wang Ting added, “Is this society really this dark? State officials seem to care only about making money and use their power indiscriminately on innocent people.”

The overwhelming responses posted on the website deplored what they said was the decadent state of today’s China.

Netizen “Spicy Pepper-Ding” wrote, “Using your body to satisfy these animals is like walking into a tiger’s den! If this is only way to get justice… How sad is our society today, this is a shame of a nation.”

A user calling himself “Pay for sin next life” wrote, “Regarding this society, I’m speechless, no solution, reality is reality, so let’s not talk about it anymore.”

Netizen “ZiMuoFeiYanRi” wrote, “don’t be so pessimistic, people are acting, the heavens are watching. I don’t agree with your method for seeking help, be strong.”

In October 2008, Wang Ting’s father Wang Bin was arrested by Liangning Anshan Police Department in connection with a burglary and murder which took place in August 2008. As it was immediately established with alibi that he was not in town at the time of murder, he was acquitted.

In February 2009 Wang Bin was arrested again. The reason given was that he had had a conflict with the victim in the past. No direct evidence associated with the crime was provided.

On July 29, 2009, the Anshan City Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Wang Bin to life imprisonment.

Wang Bing challenged the court verdict and the case was taken to the Liaoning Higher Court. The Higher Court decided that there was insufficient evidence and requested a revaluation by the intermediate court.

On Nov. 18, 2010, the Anshan Intermediate Court reopened the case, but upheld the initial sentence.

Wang Ting is not the first woman in China resorting to desperate measures when faced with injustice suffered by a family member.

In September 2010, trying to prove her brother’s innocence, young Yang Jinfen posted on, saying that she was willing to be slave for life to save her brother Yang Jinde who was falsely accused of being a Mafia boss. Yang Jinde was charged with an 18-year sentence and reportedly tortured until he became permanently paralyzed.

On Jan. 26, 2010, 23-year-old Wu Fangyi sought help for her father who was sentenced to 15 years on false charges. Wu Fangyi wrote on the blog, “Must I give my life to win a chance for my dad to get a court revaluation? Do I have to sell my body to save my innocent father?” Her devotion and love for her father drew voices of support from the Chinese public.

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