World University Games: Hong Kong Men's Foil Fencing Team Clinches Gold

World University Games: Hong Kong Men's Foil Fencing Team Clinches Gold
Some members of the Hong Kong men's fencing team, on Aug. 9, 2023. (Sung Pik Lung/the Epoch Times)

At the World University Games, the Hong Kong Team secured 12 medals, including a gold medal in Men's Foil Fencing after defeating the French team.

After defeating Macau and Poland, the Hong Kong Men’s Foil Fencing team advanced to the semifinals during the tournament. In the semifinals, they faced off against China, with Edgar Cheung Ka-long, Ryan Choi Chun-yin, and Lawrence Ng Lok-wang securing a dominant 45-35 victory, earning them a spot in the finals.

In the final match, the Hong Kong team made some changes, with Aaron Lee Yat-Long replacing Ng. Cheung got off to a strong start, leading 5-4. Lee's outstanding performance extended the lead to 10-5, and Choi further widened the advantage to 15-8, giving Hong Kong a 7-point lead.

In the fourth round, Lee lost by a narrow margin of 1 point. Cheung then stepped up and secured a 5-2 win, further widening the gap. Choi battled to a draw with his opponent, and in the second round, the Hong Kong team took a commanding 9-point lead. In the final round, they continued to increase their lead, winning 2 rounds and drawing 1, ultimately defeating France with a score of 45-33 to claim the gold.

With this victory, the Hong Kong team earned 4 gold medals, 1 silver, and 7 bronze at the World University Games.

Individual gold medals were earned in Wushu Men's Taijijian, Women's Epee Individual, Men's Foil Individual, and Men's Team Foil.

Medal Tally for Hong Kong at the Chengdu FISU World University Games:

Gold Medalists:
  • HUI Tak Yan Samuei—Wushu Men's Taijijian.
  • HSIEH Kaylin Sin Yan—Fencing Women's Epee Individual.
  • CHEUNG Ka Long Edgar—Fencing Men's Foil.
  • CHEUNG Ka Long Edgar, CHOI Chun Yin Ryan, NG Lok Wang Lawrence, and LE Yat Long Aaron—Fencing Men's Team Foil.
Silver Medalists:
  • LAU Chi Lung—Wushu Men's Nanquan.
Bronze Medalists:
  • HUI Tak Yan Samuei—Wushu Men's Taijiquan.
  • SHAM Hui Yu Lydia—Wushu Women's Qiangshu.
  • LAM Yee Nok, NG Wing Lam, LEE Hoi Man, DOO Hoi Kem, SOO Wai Yum—Table Tennis Women’s Team.
  • DOO Hoi Kem, HO Kwan Kit—Table Tennis Mixed Doubles.
  • CHOI Chun Yin Ryan—Fencing Men's Foil Individual.
  • WONG Chak Lam Coleman, WONG Hong Yi Cody—Tennis Mixed Doubles.
  • KO Shing Hei—Men's Singles Badminton.