Live Panel: Corrupted by China: The College Board and K-12 Education

In exchange for generous Chinese government funding, the College Board has given China strategic access to American K-12 education. A new report from the National Association of Scholars, “Corrupting the College Board,” details how.

Since at least 2003, the College Board has partnered closely with the Chinese government to design an AP Chinese Language and Culture course, serving as a recruiter for Chinese government initiatives, and helping the Chinese Communist Party design and gain control over American teacher training programs.

As the administer of the SAT and the Advanced Placement tests, the College Board reaches more than 2 million students annually and exerts significant influence over schools, teachers, parents, and policymakers.

In this event, reporter and author Rachelle Peterson, a senior research fellow at the National Association of Scholars, presents the findings of the report.

We also hear from Jan Jekielek, senior editor of The Epoch Times; Rory O’Connor, president and chairman of Athenai Institute; and Bruce Gilley, professor of political science at Portland State University.

We discuss not only the College Board’s corruption by the Chinese government but also some key policy proposals to protect and restore the integrity of the American education system.

How to Contact the Panelists

Contact Rachelle Peterson or Bruce Gilley at the National Association of Scholars here.
Contact Rory O’Connor at the Athenai Institute here.
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