Man’s Ex-wife and Girlfriend Fight on Bus

Man’s Ex-wife and Girlfriend Fight on Bus
A woman waiting at a bus stop in China. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)
Daniel Holl

Footage from a security camera on a bus shows two women in a brawl and a man trying to break up the fight, which lasted for over 10 minutes. It turns out that the man was caught in the middle of a conflict between his ex-wife and new girlfriend, according to the Chinese news outlet The Beijing News.

The incident, which occurred on May 8 in Qingdao City, Shangdong Province in China, was triggered by the man’s ex-wife. The report said that the ex-wife kicked the girlfriend as she was walking down the aisle toward the back seats.

The fight was put to an end only after the driver stopped the bus and called the police, according to the report.

Police later arrived at the scene to resolve the conflict.

The names of the individuals involved in the incident were not given in the report.

The Bus Fight

Blurry security camera footage reveals the man and his girlfriend getting on the bus and proceeding to the back.

The man’s ex-wife was also on the bus. She was sitting next to the windows, wearing a black windbreaker and a cloth surgical mask over her face, a common item worn in China. The pair did not notice her.

The ex-wife sits still as the man passes by, but right as the girlfriend walks past her, she extends her right leg and kicks the girlfriend just below her right knee.

Shocked, the girlfriend immediately turns to her and kicks her back. The man proceeds to the back of the bus, apparently turning to look at the fight that erupted between the two women.

Kicks and slaps are thrown back and forth between the two, then they eventually grab each other and wrestle back and forth through the bus, yelling in a local dialect at each other.

The ex-wife grabs the girlfriend by the hair and shoves her back to a set of unoccupied chairs, while the girlfriend shouts, “I was walking by and she kicked me!”according to the video reported by The Beijing News.

After watching the conflict develop for about 20 seconds, the man begins walking toward the front of the bus. “Call the police,” one man can be heard saying on the security camera footage. Then the bus comes to a complete stop.

The conflict seems to resolve for the moment, and the man separates the two. But after three minutes, the peace does not last and the two women are at arms again.

As the fight continues, the other passengers seem to disembark as the last images of the fight are taking place on an empty bus.

Though the man stands between the two, the yelling and slapping does not cease. “Why are you hitting her again?!” the man yells after his ex-wife reaches around his shoulder, slapping the girlfriend.

“You two can’t leave,” the driver repeats twice, according to the footage reported by The Beijing News. “I called the police.”

Police then arrive at the scene to settle the dispute, but no details were given about any resolution.

Daniel Holl is a Sacramento, California-based reporter, specializing in China-related topics. He moved to China alone and stayed there for almost seven years, learning the language and culture. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
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