Japanese International Strategist Calls for Joint Forces to Save Hong Kong

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On May 28, China's National People's Congress unilaterally approved a proposal to impose new national security legislation for Hong Kong. Japanese international strategist Hidetoshi Ishii, Vice President of the Free Indo-Pacific Union, said that bloodshed will likely continue to happen in Hong Kong before the law is implemented in August. He calls on joint forces to avoid deterioration of the situation. Ishii has been committed to various human rights activities in Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, and for issues such as freedom of belief and illegal organ transplantation for 25 years.

International strategist Hidetoshi Ishii, Vice President of the Free Indo-Pacific Alliance, said: "If the National Security Law is put into effect in August, freedom of speech will be completely suppressed, and one country, two systems will end. The only time they can reject it is now, before the law is implemented."

Vice President Ishii said that things are likely to continue to escalate.

Ishii said: "From June to July 1, I’m worried that there may be serious conflicts. This is the last righteous place of China. The Hong Kong people will definitely fight against the CCP to death, and we can’t just sit back and ignore them."

Various groups organized protests and called on people to pay attention to the evil nature of the CCP.

Ishii said: "The CCP not just killed people in Tiananmen Square thirty years ago. It persecutes the Chinese and destroys human rights till now. The CCP is a common enemy of mankind, so everyone must join forces."

Japanese civil and parliamentary organizations started petitions to support Hong Kong, and many members of Congress signed to show their support.

Ishii said: "This is a hard fight."

Japanese people said: "The next target of the CCP after Hong Kong will be Taiwan, Hong Kong, keep it up!"

Vice President Ishii also said that if Xi Jinping visits Japan, he will continue to cooperate with all walks of life to protest and do all he can to awaken the world.