20 Professors Die Within 15 Days in China

20 Professors Die Within 15 Days in China
Doctors were looking at a lung CT image at a hospital in Yunmeng county, Xiaogan city, in China's central Hubei province on Feb. 20, 2020. (AFP via Getty Images)

In a 15-day period around Chinese New Year, at least 20 professors died of illness in China. Five of them were under the age of 65.

Four people died on the same day, which was Feb. 17, the 8th day of the Chinese New Year.

Huang Bo, former vice president of the College of Oceanography, Hainan University, died in Haikou City on Feb. 4 at the age of 59 due to illness. Mr. Huang is an important expert advisor to the Hainan Provincial Government.

Shi Yu, senior editor of Henan Daily Newspaper Group, passed away in Zhengzhou on Feb. 8 at 53 due to a sudden illness.

He also served as a master’s tutor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Henan University and a guest professor at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics.

Mr. Shi received awards such as “Outstanding Journalist of Henan Province” and “Outstanding Contribution Award of the Provincial Periodical Sector” from the Chinese authorities, as well as more than 130 awards at the provincial level. His articles have been republished or archived in Xinhua Digest, China Publishing Almanac, and Journalism and Communication.

Zhao Zongyue, a professor at the School of Physical Education and Sports of Henan University and a master’s degree instructor in physical education and training, died in Kaifeng on Feb. 12 at the age of 61 after suffering a sudden heart attack.

Mr. Zhao is the main member and associate editor of the soccer textbook for Chinese youth.

Wang Xiaohu, an expert in radiation oncology, professor at Lanzhou University, and researcher at the Institute of Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, passed away on Feb. 17 at the age of 62 due to illness.

Mr. Wang had served as the vice president of Gansu Medical Science Research Institute and a member of the Academic Committee of the National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Accelerator in Lanzhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The official obituary called him “the pioneer of heavy ion therapy in China.”

Others on the list include Li Fang, Marxist law expert at Jilin University Law School; Tan Xiujuan, former anesthesiology specialist of Hunan Medical University; Zhang Yimo, an optoelectronics expert at Tianjin University; Wang Wansen, Professor of contemporary literature at Shandong Normal University; Yang Zhiliang, Professor of Psychology and Cognition at East China Normal University; Huang Zhenyun, Professor of Chinese literature at China University of Political Science and Law; Gao Yunlong, Sculptor and Professor of Fine Arts at East China Normal University; Song Degui, Retired Professor at School of Life Sciences, Guangxi Normal University; Lin Eryao, CCP party chief and Chairman of the Piano Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Qian Ying, former Associate Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, Capital University of Medical Sciences; Yu Xinguo, Former Vice President of School of Accounting, Northeastern University of Finance and Economics; Tian Yunzhang, calligrapher and professor of oriental art, Nankai University; Xiao Zemin, Professor of Economics at Renmin University; Duan Yating, Former Director of Chongqing Central Hospital; and Hu Hesheng, a female mathematician and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of Fudan University.